Client Management

One of the best things you can do for your law business is track client records and interactions. All correspondence, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, and personal information should be in one place and easy to access from anywhere, by your entire staff.

Managing your contacts has never been simpler with Smokeball. Dust off your Rolodex, and enter all of your client, courthouse, and insurance company information into Smokeball. Beyond having a secure environment to store your legal contact information, manage your contacts from anywhere and feel assured that your clients’ data is backed up and secure with Smokeball’s cloud-based technology.

Powerful Contact Management

Keeping track of all the case information your company needs to stay up and running is hard work. Smokeball helps bring all that information together into one place so you and your staff can work more efficiently. By creating a contact database in Smokeball, you can cut out the time it takes to manage client and contact information by only entering it once into our software. With cloud-based technology, all of these details are securely stored on our servers, meaning your valuable server space isn’t bogged down with too much data.

Smokeball is a safe location for every detail of your client’s information. Sensitive information like Social Security numbers, marital status, court documents, and passport and citizenship details are all encrypted and stored in Smokeball. Never again worry about losing this information, since all details are backed up throughout the day and accessible from anywhere, including your smartphone.

There’s no need to worry about starting to build your contact database in Smokeball. As long as your contacts can be exported into a CSV file, our Onboarding Team will work with you to import all your contacts into Smokeball.

Email Marketing and Contact Tags

Put your contact database to work with our email marketing tool. Use our contact database to send newsletters and other marketing materials, staying connected with current and prospective clients.

Keep your database neat and tidy with contact tags. Group contacts together for email marketing lists, active and inactive clients, or referred clients.

Client Notes

Need reminders that Bob likes to be called Bobby or about special dates for your clients, like birthdays or anniversaries? Smokeball can help with that, too: Keep notes and add custom names for your clients so your case documents are always correct and your clients are always happy.

Watch a Demo

Watch a quick demo of Smokeball to see how we help small law firms like yours dramatically increase their organization, collaboration, and productivity.