Document Drafting & Document Automation

No matter the size or complexity, legal documents take time. It’s a fact.

We’ve all developed our own ways of saving time, using search and replace to change out a client’s name or reusing the same letter and email templates for standard legal tasks. But what if there were a better way to generate not just one document but all of them—in seconds, without errors?

Sounds like magic, right?

Legal Documents in Seconds

Smokeball includes a document assembly engine that takes your client’s information and seamlessly fills in letters, court forms, fee agreements, and standard legal documents you use every day. Never worry again about errors and mistakes.

Document assembly with Smokeball allows you to create a repeatable system for every case file you handle. Instead of focusing on the details of generating case documents, focus your efforts on the legal content inside.

Smokeball and Microsoft Word

In a small law firm, every minute counts.

Get your minutes, hours, and peace of mind back with Smokeball’s Word-based document drafting and document automation tools. Turn your legal documents and emails into fillable Microsoft Word templates using our document automation feature. Smokeball pulls all of your client details in their digital matter file to fill out your case documents in seconds. Our software is even able to account for commonly missed pronouns, like he’s and she’s, in all your documents. With Smokeball, you can feel assured your documents are 100% correct 100% of the time.

To give you a head start with Smokeball, part of our onboarding process includes teaching you how to automate your case documents, turning 15 of your most used legal documents into forms and instructing your firm how to start building a Smokeball template library.

Create a Template Library

Each new template you create in Word can be safely stored in the Smokeball template library. Beyond creating legal documents, automate your communication with clients by drafting templates for emails and letters. Feel assured that every case document you create in Smokeball is easily adjusted in Microsoft Word so you can customize each draft to fit your needs.

Watch a Demo

Watch a quick demo of Smokeball to see how we help small law firms like yours dramatically increase their productivity, organization, and collaboration.