Document Management

An unorganized inbox, desk, and computer hinder productivity and make running your legal practice a nightmare. Even the most organized attorneys can have a hard time keeping up with all the documents and emails they receive. But what if there were a better, more efficient way to stay organized?

Smokeball provides a secure place to store your documents and emails in one easy-to-access location. We help you organize all of your important documents and emails in Smokeball within their respective client matter files so you can always find your documents in a snap.

Your Organization Solution

Have you ever found yourself scrambling to find an email or document when a client calls unexpectedly? Smokeball empowers you and your legal staff to always have the necessary documents and emails at your fingertips, exactly when they’re needed. We’ve developed our document management system to include the right features you need to make your practice run more efficiently and increase productivity.

Digital Filing

Physical copies often lead to reduced productivity, especially in an attorney’s office. Collaborating on these physical documents can be inefficient, and the process takes longer than if those copies were digitally accessible by everyone. Smokeball’s digital filing system organizes and secures your documents for each case. Additionally, office systems that are largely paperless reduce photocopying, use of paper, and equipment.

Full-Text Search

Stop wasting your day searching for documents on your computer or in your filing cabinets. In a matter of seconds with Smokeball, search the entire system to find a document or case by using just a keyword, client name, or file name.

Easy Collaboration

With Smokeball’s cloud-based technology, you can track all emails sent and received, and then securely store them in the cloud. Everyone with Smokeball access may read all the emails related to a particular matter and related attachments.


Never again worry about losing documents because you saved over them. Smokeball allows you to save all versions of a document, including the original. Painlessly revert to previous versions and track each document’s authors. Whether your client is updating a will or giving a counter proposal in a divorce mediation, it helps to have previous versions of legal documents accessible.

Microsoft Word and Outlook Integration

Smokeball integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook so you can easily keep track of all documents, attachments, and sent and received emails. With just a click, documents and emails can be tagged in Smokeball and filed under their respective matter.


Smokeball’s software gives you the ability to work and manage a case when away from the office. Checking a file from court or meeting with your legal team when out of the office is possible using our software. The mobility Smokeball offers will keep you ahead of competitors, providing the most cutting-edge, effective, and cost-efficient legal service.

Watch a Demo

Watch a quick demo of Smokeball to see how we help small law firms like yours dramatically increase their productivity, organization, and collaboration.