Email Management

The average lawyer receives about 120 work emails per day. Each is related to a client, case, or project, stacking on top of one another, piling up over time.

Filing emails with their respective legal documents, PDF case files, and other attachments is tedious, time-consuming, and difficult to maintain. Add staff, multiple parties on an email chain, and the ever-misused Reply All feature, and a simple case email chain turns into an organizational nightmare.

Integration With Microsoft Outlook

Smokeball’s Outlook integration turns our clients’ unruly email chains into neatly stored files inside the corresponding legal matter. Every email sent from Smokeball or tagged with a case name automatically saves itself, including all replies.

Our automatic email management creates a clear communication history between you and your clients. Empower your staff with the reference information they need in order to complete work or turn around answers for clients with ease.

Send Emails Directly From Smokeball

Sending clients or counsel legal documents isn’t always easy. You can get lost in folders upon folders of court documents and case information stored on your desktop.

Smokeball turns the hours you spend managing email into seconds. With all of your important case documents already stored in the digital matter file in Smokeball, you can simply right-click to send documents. Select which contacts from the matter file or your firm you want included in the email, and simply press Send!

Simplified Collaboration

With Smokeball’s email integration, discover what a breeze it is to collaborate on cases with other associates and legal assistants. With each email automatically stored in the correct matter file and saved to Smokeball’s cloud, everyone in your firm can have access to critical case information. Your staff will feel confident knowing they have all the details they need when they need them, since emails are synced to both computers and Smokeball’s phone app.

Watch a Demo

Watch a quick demo of Smokeball and you’ll see how we help small law firms like yours increase their productivity, organization, and collaboration dramatically.