Matter Management

Collecting and managing the numerous details of a legal case takes up your time and keeps you bound to paper files at the office. You need to reference client and case information throughout the course of the case in legal documents, emails, court forms, and correspondence with other attorneys, but they aren’t always within reach.

Smokeball’s legal matter management software provides detailed matter layouts unique to the types of court cases our clients work on. Smokeball is built to collect case-specific granular information, allowing you to auto-populate legal forms and documents as well as send emails in seconds.

Every File Has a Home

By centralizing client and matter information, your firm will have a standard process for intake and legal document preparation – eliminating confusion, increasing efficiency, and boosting productivity.

Your digital matter files in Smokeball will act as the home base for each of your court cases. Save emails, attachments, documents, phone calls, and forms in a single location. Search phrases, words, and dates across all legal files, regardless of size or type. Filter by client, date range, or specialty in seconds to find exactly what you need, fast.

What Could Feel More Like Home Than Something Built Just for Your Practice Area?

There are more than 250 different matter types built into Smokeball, each built specifically for the state you practice law in. If you work in an area of law where we don’t have a matter type yet, our Onboarding Team will work with you to build exactly what your firm needs. We even offer mobile applications for Smokeball.

Check out some examples below, or contact us for a personalized demonstration of Smokeball for your area of law today.

Smokeball Matter Files

Criminal Law Matter File
Estate Planning Matter File
Family Law Matter File
Real Estate Matter File
Personal Injury Matter File

Watch a Demo

Watch a quick demo of Smokeball, and you’ll see how we help small law firms like yours increase their productivity, organization, and collaboration dramatically.