Simplified PDF Creation

Using PDFs in a small law firm can help increase efficiency since they can be viewed on anything from computers to smartphones. Despite this, many lawyers are hesitant to use PDFs as they can be difficult to create if you don’t have the right PDF creator or knowledge. Smokeball’s features take all the hassle out of PDF creation so you can get back to managing your small firm. We help you make, manage, send, and store all your PDFs from one simple location.

Quick and Easy PDF Creation with Smokeball

In Smokeball, create any Word document or email by simply right-clicking in the software. Never lose track of those case documents again. Each new PDF created in Smokeball from a case email or legal document can be printed now or safely stored for later use in your account.

Create Multiple File PDF

Combining PDFs is a difficult task, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Smokeball makes combining multiple PDF files a breeze! With our feature, you can combine multiple PDF files, emails, or Word documents, so they’re stored in one PDF. Just like creating a single PDF in Smokeball, these new PDFs are also conveniently stored in the document’s corresponding matter file.

Send as PDF

Email any Word document as a PDF directly from a Smokeball matter file. By right-clicking on the Word document, you can send a legal document to any individual listed on the matter file. A window will pop up with your newly created PDF attached and ready to be sent.

Importing Files and Storing as PDF

Smokeball acts as your cloud-based digital filing system where you can keep your case documents and client emails organized in one place. We created an easy-to-use import feature so you can import the legal documents already stored on your computer and store them in Smokeball’s cloud. Now you and your whole team can access your PDFs, emails, and Word documents from anywhere, at any time!

ScanSnap Integration

Smokeball is proud to partner with Fujitsu ScanSnap to improve the ease of scanning and saving all your court documents as PDFs. Smokeball allows you to attach a legal file scanned by ScanSnap directly to a matter, without having to first save or email the document. Scanning files to your matter is literally now a one-click process.

Watch a Demo

Watch a quick demo of Smokeball to see how we help small law firms like yours dramatically increase their organization, collaboration, and productivity.