Legal Tasks And Workflow Options To Help Establish Firm Consistency

We can’t add extra hours to your day, but we can help you use the ones you have more efficiently so you never miss a beat.

With tasks and workflows in Smokeball, establish consistency and processes for all of your case work. Tasks enable your team to stay individually organized with personal to-do items attached to each matter. Customizable workflows will help you start on the right foot with every case, by automatically adding important tasks and dates to each project and piece of new documentation.

The result? Your firm spends less time planning and managing tasks you’ve already created and more time preparing for and winning cases.

Task Management

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, and wondered if you had missed an item on your to-do list? With Smokeball’s task management software, all events, to-do items, and missed calls are visible on your home screen in our Daily Digest bar, so your firm always knows where to start, and you are confident you completed everything on the docket when you leave for the day.

Easily create a new task by clicking the task button in the Smokeball Action Bar. Each task can be broken down into subtasks to build simple to-do lists. Delegate tasks to your associates and legal professionals by assigning them to the appropriate team member. Include important details and information to aid staff as they take on each item.

Smokeball makes it easy to know what you have going on now, what is finished, and what you still need to do. In the Tasks Management tab, you can view all tasks you’ve created and completed. Filter tasks by categories or sort them to find urgent tasks so you can tackle them right away.


Are you always creating the same set of tasks and events every time you start a new case? Our workflows will simplify how you manage cases.

With the Smokeball workflow feature, automating your small firm’s processes is a breeze. Easily create new workflows customized for the subject type. Each new workflow will be a list of tasks you are to complete for the case. Remind yourself to create documents, schedule dates, subpoena witnesses, or email clients. Manually apply a workflow or set it as a default. With workflows, you’ll save valuable time, increase case consistency, and feel assured no one misses important tasks.

Daily Digest

Have you ever forgotten an important task after mentally noting that you’d get to it tomorrow? Smokeball’s Daily Digest will make sure nothing you’re supposed to do that day is forgotten. The Daily Digest allows you to see missed calls, court dates, depositions, and upcoming tasks due that day.

Track Missed Calls

Many separate sticky notes get lost in the shuffle, but our missed call feature lets staff and paralegals log calls in Smokeball. With each missed call, tag the attorney whom the call is for, and Smokeball will create a new task, sending an email to the attorney reminding him or her to follow up.

Watch a Demo

Watch a quick demo of Smokeball and you’ll see how we help small law firms like yours increase their productivity, organization, and collaboration dramatically.