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Letisha Luecking Orlet, PC

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Area of Law
Family Law
Firm Size
Nashville, IL
Smokeball has increased Letisha Luecking Orlet’s productivity, efficiency, and billable hours.

Letisha Luecking Orlet’s firm is located in southern Illinois, just about an hour southeast of St. Louis. Letisha started her firm in 2012 and practices primarily in family law, with a little bit of criminal, real estate, and estate planning. Her biggest challenge is keeping organized and servicing her clients, and that’s what Smokeball helps her with.

Making the Switch to Smokeball

Letisha started out using Clio and then MyCase, but found that their document automation was complex and just not what it should be. Using Smokeball’s integration with Word, Letisha generates all her letters, final judgments, petitions and responses quickly and accurately.

“Smokeball has sped up my processes in terms of generating forms and letters. It’s definitely worth the money. I have a friend who just started out on her own and I told her that she needs to switch to Smokeball – that it’s going to help her. I just wish I had it from the get go.”

Capturing Everything You Do

“I was the world’s worst timekeeper, but now I’m so much more aware of how much work I’m doing. Smokeball does a really good job of capturing everything I do. I no longer have to do my work and then turn around and enter the time. It’s already in Smokeball.”

Smokeball automatically tracks your activities and time, and it has helped Letisha bill more. Before Smokeball, there were plenty of days she would forget to bill big chunks of time. Now, she captures more time without having to think about it. Smokeball’s integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook has made document automation and email tracking simple. Letisha switched over to Outlook because she can send all her emails out of Smokeball and have it automatically track her time and activity. “I’m all about not logging my time.”

Smokeball’s performance analysis in each matter gives Letisha insight into her business. Using Smokeball, all of Letisha’s work, and her paralegal’s time, is tracked in Smokeball. Smokeball then analyzes the time and cost and is able to reveal the profitability of each matter. Even with flat fee matters, Smokeball is incredibly helpful making sure that she is charging the right fees. And, if there is ever a dispute about her work, all of her activities and time is right there.

Letisha Luecking Orlet, PC
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Smokeball makes everything easier. It’s definitely worth the money.

Letisha Luecking Orlet, PC


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