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The Law Offices of Lora Matthews Fausett Captures New Business with Smokeball

Smokeball is everything we were promised it would be, and it is growing into so much more than that.”

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Meet Lora Matthews Fausett, Attorney and Founding Member of The Law Offices of Lora Matthews Fausett, P.C. As a driven entrepreneur and a savvy lawyer, Lora is focused on two primary goals: delivering the highest level of service possible to her clients, while also growing her firm.

Organization, efficiency and timely communication are pillars in Lora’s practice that she and her team strive to achieve. However, they needed a stronger system to help them run at the speed their clients demanded and deserved.

After seeing Smokeball, the leading document and practice management software for small law firms, demonstrated at an event, Lora decided to give it a try to see if it could solve her organization challenges. Taking on a new organization system seemed daunting at first for Lora and her practice, as they are paper-driven and relied heavily on their existing processes. Looking back, the benefits for her office have been extraordinary.

“Smokeball is everything we were promised it would be, and it is growing into so much more than that. The client service is amazing – we don’t have in-house IT and we find the support provided by Smokeball often goes above and beyond the scope of the software itself.” – Lora Matthews Fausett, P.C.

[title size=”2″]Getting more work done in more places[/title]

One of the biggest challenges Lora and her staff faced was the fact that working in the office is not always possible, as their work often requires them to be at real estate closings or the courthouse. Lora and her team used to be tied to their paper files, which were not easy to transport or work with remotely. Now, Smokeball allows Lora and her staff to access their matters from anywhere on their cloud-based software, which runs on a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones. Lora’s team can get more done in an average workday than ever before, and have even seen some new opportunities arise as a result of being able to work remotely.

“Prior to Smokeball, unless we had our hands on the physical file itself we couldn’t work. On Black Friday, I had a situation where I happened to see an email from a bank regarding an offer on a short sale. The offer would have expired before I came back to the office on Monday. I was able to log into Smokeball, see all the details of the property and client, and enable our client to make a counteroffer. Without Smokeball, the offer would likely have expired.” – Lora Matthews Fausett, P.C.

[title size=”2″]Organization and efficiency breeds growth[/title]

Cloud-based functionality isn’t the only thing that Lora and her team love about Smokeball. They also find great value in its organizational features, which automatically organize information for every matter they are working on, into one central spot. As a result, Lora and her team are able to better manage their existing files, and can even handle a larger volume of files, per team member, than they ever could in the past. This has contributed in no small way to the explosive growth that the Law Offices of Lora Matthews Fausett has experienced in the last year.

“Smokeball has brought centralization to a lot of our functions. I feel much more organized and efficient now. It’s streamlined how we operate, and I really like how everything for a file – contacts, case number, documents, all emails, notes – is in one place and accessible by the whole team.

Before we had Smokeball there was duplication everywhere. Now we are able to handle more files, because we are better organized.” – Lora Matthews Fausett, P.C.

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About the Law Offices of Lora Matthews Fausett P.C.

The Law Offices of Lora Matthews Fausett represents clients throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area in the areas of real estate, civil litigation, estate planning, social security disability law and business consulting. Recently, the firm has experienced enormous growth, driven largely by word of mouth and the implementation of more effective systems and processes.

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About Smokeball

Smokeball is a software solution that empowers small law firms to manage emails and documents easily, create documents faster through clever automation, and access files through a digital filing system in the cloud that allows staff to work anytime, anywhere.

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