Here at Smokeball, there’s nothing we love better than a story with a happy ending–and there are few that end happier than the story about small law firm Stecklein & Rapp’s software search.

After an unsuccessful two-year search for a practice management solution, Michael Rapp had all but given up on finding a piece of software to manage his firm’s growing client base. After testing a long list of different options, he began to believe that there simply wasn’t a solution that would meet all his needs.

Then he found Smokeball.

Sifting through his Facebook News Feed one day, Michael saw an ad for Smokeball. Michael was intrigued, and after a brief call with a Smokeball Client Success Manager, he knew the program was exactly what he had been searching for.

Unlike other software programs Stecklein & Rapp tested, Smokeball was intuitive and focused on addressing all of the key pain points the firm experienced daily. Another feature that set Smokeball apart? Collaboration. With two separate offices, one in Kansas City, Missouri and the other in Kansas City, Kansas, finding a software that gave all staff real-time access to client matters in the cloud was essential. Smokeball’s software ensures that all client matter details and emails are stored in one easily accessible digital file, with each and every important detail saved as you go. The ability to centralize client and matter information and access it anytime, anywhere was something Stecklein & Rapp hadn’t come across when looking at other providers.

Two weeks later, Stecklein & Rapp started their onboarding process and had their forms and contacts completely switched over to the Smokeball platform. Smokeball assigns a dedicated Client Success Manager and a dedicated Trainer for firms just starting out to ensure that everyone is up and running as quickly as possible, and Stecklein & Rapp took full advantage of this service. Through the onboarding process, staff members learned how to navigate Smokeball, customize it for their needs and use it to streamline their work.

Four months after implementing Smokeball,  Stecklein & Rapp has added two more clients to their roster than they previously thought possible. To learn more about Stecklein & Rapp’s unique journey to Smokeball and their growth since implementing the software, take a look at their case study here.

About Stecklein & Rapp

Stecklein & Rapp is a consumer protection law firm with offices in Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas. The firm has represented hundreds of consumers in cases against banks, debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, insurance companies and car dealers. A process-driven firm in its own right, Stecklein & Rapp has implemented Smokeball across both of the firm’s offices.

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