Reagan, Melton & Delaney

Finding the right practice management solution for a growing company can be tricky. After trying a few case management systems, Reagan, Melton & Delaney, L.L.P., turned to Smokeball for truly seamless document automation, document management, and email management.

Download the Reagan, Melton & Delaney, L.L.P. Case Study and You’ll Learn:

  • How Smokeball helped Reagan, Melton & Delaney transition 178,000 documents to Smokeball from their old case management system
  • How Smokeball’s professional onboarding team made it easy for everyone in Reagan, Melton & Delaney to get started with Smokeball through group trainings and one-on-one sessions
  • How documents that once took over an hour to create for Reagan, Melton & Delaney are now generated in 15 minutes or less

and more…!

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