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Cottonwood Law Group, LC

"All those best practices things you tell yourself you don’t have time for Smokeball does it for you." - Joshua Boehm

[Josh Boehm] One year ago, we opened up Cottonwood Law Group. From the very beginning, Smokeball was part of how we set up our law firm. It really is the central hub for everything we do and touch.

[Jane Oxley] Hi. This is Josh.

[Lynn Luong] Hi.

[Josh Boehm] Hi. I came out today to talk about our feedback and experience with having used it on a day-to-day basis. Populate, and then the clerk would go type it all in?

[Jane Oxley] Uh-huh.

[Josh Boehm] Now we type it all in.

[Jane Oxley] So, it would be better if we integrated it straight through. We’re always gathering that feedback from our clients. We’re always touching base, seeing if there’s anything we can do it make their lives easier.

[Josh Boehm] Smokeball’s definitely made a difference in the experience our clients have working with our firm. When they need a copy, we can instantly send it out, instantly pull it up. I’m able to go to court with a tablet or a laptop and have 100% of my files there. We’re not running to a file room looking through a card catalog and pulling something out.

[Jane Oxley] Smokeball is updated constantly. We’re looking at what’s coming down the track with the way we’re sharing documents and e-filing and as technology changes and the industry changes, we’re trying to keep ahead for small law firms so they don’t really have to worry about it. TimeScribe’s a new feature of Smokeball that we’re very excited about. Ever task, every email, every document that you write, it’s automatically tracked.

[Josh Boehm] TimeScribe has made a huge improvement for our firm. It drastically reduced the amount of time we spend tracking time. TimeScribe allows us to capture between 20 and 30% additional time and we’re able to shift that into actual productive paying work, and the more time we save on the administrative and the business side, and the record keeping, that’s more time we can devote to the clients. The people that we work with, they’re not just clients they’re friends, they’re family, they’re people we see every day and having something like Smokeball gives me some peace of mind and lets me know that I’ve done the best job that I can for them.

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Hillsboro, KS

Joshua Boehm wanted to streamline his processes in his office in order to pick up where someone left off. He found Smokeball’s powerful Microsoft Word and Outlook integration made it possible for his law firm to collaborate. With the automatic time tracking feature, it helped Josh find missing activities that he wasn’t tracking. Josh was able to capture 30% more of his activities due to the Smokeball’s automatic time tracking.

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