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Marker & Associates

"Smokeball has absolutely improved our clients experience with our firm" - Jonathan Crannell

Marker and Associates is a new kind of injury law firm where we focus on our clients, and we focus on providing the level of care to every case, every client. If you have a $10,000 case, we’re going to treat you the same as a million dollar case. Every client is important to us.

What gets me out of bed in the morning, and makes me passionate about doing what I do is meeting clients, meeting people, helping people. As far as getting results, we’re just very hard-working from the time that we get a client in the office and we get their file. We’re making sure we take all the steps necessary to work their case towards an eventual trial. We find that it’s the most successful way to handle a case is to take that approach from day one.

I noticed years ago, there was a gap in the market for case management software. I worked at a number of different firms that used a number of different products, and we had Smokeball come in and when they did I looked at Jason, I said, holy cow, they did it. Somebody actually did it; they cared how practices really work, how lawyers really handle their files, and they did it.

It was very important for us as we started our own practice to make sure we had a case management software that was going to do what we wanted to do, especially because we wanted to focus on clients and making sure we were always up to date with them, and Smokeball’s just been the best that we’ve come across so far.

Smokeball has absolutely improved our clients’ experience with our firm. They get quicker results, because we’re able to move cases more efficiently. They get more customized treatment from their attorneys and my support staff because we’re able to pick up where we left off, and we have workflow automation so that we know, even with a new hire, we know exactly what the next step is when something has been completed.

Smokeball makes it very easy to relate everything to clients, to insurance companies, to other firms. I can access everything so quickly.

It’s right there for me, and all I have to do is just go into their case, pull up the document that they need, and send it, either via fax, or via email to a client.

So having that client software is really huge in just being able to go back and look at it real quick when a client calls, or something just to refresh my memory, oh yeah, that’s what happened, that’s where we are.

I use Smokeball for just about everything I do on every client file. When I’m in court, I have a paper file, but I only bring one folder with me, because I know I can access everything else in that file on my phone.

That’s the greatest thing about Smokeball, is that you’re able to go wherever it is you need to go to with a click, that’s it.

It has absolutely changed the way we practice law. Our law firm’s capacity to accept new clients has improved. The level of service we’re able to provide clients has improved. There’s nothing about Smokeball that I wouldn’t recommend.

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Finding the right practice management solution for a growing company can be tricky. Jason Marker, Esq., and Jonathan Crannell, Esq., attorneys at Marker and Associates, P.C., knew they needed a case management tool that supported them in providing high-quality service to their clients. Smokeball helped them improve their clients’ experiences by delivering quicker results and more customized treatment.


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