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Strohschein Law Group

"To have all the client's information at your finger tips at all times, it allows you to work from anywhere." - Bridget Wrobel

I started my own firm about 11 years ago, and grew from one person, who was me up to a team of 14. So we were having more and more difficulty keeping track of all the little details. Any one particular paralegal or attorney knew exactly what was going on with a case, but if I happened to pick up a phone call and I wasn’t the lead person on that case, I might not have the latest details.

I had been looking at a case management system for many years, so I’d get together with colleagues who practice in the same area I do, and every conference I went to, I would be sitting in a session and people would be talking about their case management software, and they said they liked having the program, but it kept crashing or it was very difficult for them to leave that program or what have you. And so it was a very difficult decision for me to invest so much money and time into a piece of software that I knew that my colleagues hated, and it wasn’t gonna be much different for me. But when I saw the Smokeball program and all that it did, it really did seem to make sense to fit in all the pieces that we had been missing in the past. – It really was just a jump in and try to use it as much as possible to get used to it.

It was a really easy, quick transfer. It’s kind of fun. It sounds, it kinda sounds odd but it is a fun– to be able to get it up and running and to have all the client’s information at your fingertips at all times, it allows you to work from anywhere. I have it on my phone for my app if I’m in court and someone asks about a document, I can pull it up on my phone. I don’t have to carry this giant folder with me that I may or may not use. – We are much less reliant now on paper. Smoke ball has assisted in that.

It makes me crazy having to rent space to put old files in. Files that I probably in most cases won’t never need again. – It has taken us into the next generation. Everything is electronic, so if we need a physician’s report, we’re going right into the folder that is already provided. I can get to the meat of my work much faster because Smokeball has done a lot of the administrative stuff for me.

Smokeball really bridged the gap between all of my employees here. The people who are working day-to-day on a file, but also everyone else in the office who might take a phone call and be able to serve the client a little bit better. – It has improved communication, it has made things much more efficient, and we know who’s got the next step. And so dropping the ball is virtually impossible.

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St. Charles, IL

As the Strohschein Law Group continued to scale, owner Linda Strohschein began her search for a practice management software that would help her growing staff stay organized. She was hesitant to make an investment as many of her colleagues had told her horror stories about their case management tools. But then she found Smokeball, and it seemed to fit her practice’s needs perfectly. Linda wasn’t disappointed. Since implementation, Smokeball has helped the Strohschein Law Group provide better client service and advance their practice into the next generation.

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