Chat and share files securely across the office or across town

Smokeball’s Communicate feature allows law firms to gather in one virtual place to send messages to colleagues, share files with clients, and save notes directly to relevant matters. Secure. No file size limits. All included for no additional fee.
Smokeball's Communicate displayed on a laptop and mobile phone

Chat with colleagues

Communicate works like other popular team chat features. The difference is that everything is kept singular and secure within the Smokeball app, regardless if your firm is chatting across the office or across different remote locations.

Give clients access

Many case management platforms feature client portals where clients can view their case files in one place. Communicate is better in that law firms can directly message their clients and share files through a free downloadable app, replicating one-to-one communication that clients value.

Save everything to matters

Communicate is unlike third party apps and clunky client portals: every message is saved directly to relevant matters. The text is fully searchable, which means no more searching in vain for past conversations. And the messages are all recorded as billable time, giving law firms the choice to track and charge for client communication.

Communicate with colleagues and clients
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Smokeball Communicate is a real game changer. It is one of the most fluid means to communicate with clients. I was also really amazed that it tracks time as well.
Rodney F. Pillsbury, Pillsbury Law Firm, Greenville, SC.