Diversity, Equity,

& Inclusion at Smokeball.

At Smokeball, we believe that “caring is not optional.”

We respect everyone, no matter who they are, what they look like, who they love, where they come from, how they identify, what they believe in, what abilities they have, or what they are trying to overcome.

Our Goal.

Smokeball is committed to utilizing community partnerships, education, events, and hiring to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for everyone we interact with.






We strive to have an impact on our community by partnering with organizations that fight for social justice. Our current community partners are Howard Brown Health & Equip for Equality.


We strive to “keep listening, keep learning” by continuously working to improve ourselves and our organization through company-wide educational programs. We partner with Envisioning Equity to bring this goal to life.


We strive to bring awareness to cultures and peoples who may be underrepresented in our society. We organize monthly Awareness Months to combat this societal problem, which includes educational tools and roundtable discussions.


We strive to make Smokeball a diverse and accepting place of employment that reflects our world as a whole. To achieve this, we work to make all positions at Smokeball visible and open to everyone who’s qualified.

We believe “pretty much done is not done”.

As businesses, we are always looking to refine our processes and products. At Smokeball, we equally recognize the importance in the continued development of ourselves, our people, and our culture. If there is any chance we can do better, be better, or serve our communities better, we are going to invest the time, energy, and resource into it. Our commitment to DEI is one example of this.

We know diversity is an institutional strength. It is essential that we create an environment where underrepresented thoughts, experiences, and the institutionally marginalized are equitably represented, valued, and nurtured.

Ruchie Chadha, Smokeball President

Our Core Values.

Delivery Legendary Service
Innovate for the client, not the press release
Be frank
Keep listening, keep learning
Make it happen
Caring is not optional

Meet the DEI Council’s Leadership Team.

Jacquelyn Kress (she/her)


Javier Rodriguez-Martin (he/him)

Vice President

Lauren Kincaid-Filbey (she/her)


Alison Lupel (she/her)

Partnerships Ambassador

Louis Leonardo (he/him)

Events Ambassador

Zac Meyer (he/him)

Hiring Ambassador

Eric Gloyd (he/him)

Education Ambassador

The DEI Council.


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