Certified Smokeball Paralegal Program


Smokeball Paralegal Certificate

This is a free technology certification designed to help you improve your skills with Smokeball, Microsoft Office Suite, Productivity Applications, and Time Management Tools

We know you’re busy and your time is valuable.

That’s why we’ve developed a certification program focused on the most important skills you need to become more efficient in the workplace. From time-saving tips in Word to becoming a Smokeball master, you’ll be armed with the best time-saving and productivity tips for paralegals.

  • Understand how Smokeball can help you become more organized with all your client matters
  • Learn how to create, modify, and use automated documents with Smokeball
  • Understand how to use important features for creating documents, like Quick Parts and Power Tools, to make formatting Word documents a breeze
  • Learn or refresh your basic Excel skills
  • Pick up tips and tricks that will help you create professional-looking PowerPoint presentations
  • Discover new apps to help with office organization and productivity
  • Find out about the latest time management tools available to help you more efficiently manage your workload

Earning Your Certificate

To earn the Smokeball Paralegal Certificate, pass all 10 courses’ quizzes. Once you’ve finished the coursework, we will send you a digital certificate and a badge to include on your LinkedIn profile!


Incentives and Benefits

Strengthen your skills even further with Smokeball’s Paralegal Program. When you complete the Paralegal Program, you will leave with marketable skills to help strengthen you professionally. Here are just a few benefits you’ll receive from completing our 10-course program:

  • Learn at your own pace, on your own terms.
  • Earn a digital certificate proving your completion of the program.
  • Receive a badge to display on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Undergo tailored professional training to help increase your efficiency.


Smokeball Basics

Smokeball Basics

This 45-minute weekly session guides you through daily tasks and organization of your matters in Smokeball. We invite you to join us for this convenient training session of everyday Smokeball features. After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Smokeball Document Automation

Smokeball Document Automation

We walk through how to create, modify, and use automated documents using Smokeball. This 45-minute weekly session guides you through basic and advanced automation tasks.

Advanced Smokeball Training

Smokeball Advanced Training

With the basic Smokeball features down, now you can leverage advanced tools to make each matter run as efficiently as possible. In this session, we cover productivity widgets and settings such as Next Step Due, Matter Tagging, and Default Matter Settings, culminating with reports. Once finished, you’ll be able to set up each new matter to display exactly what you’ll need each time and pull reports that make you look like a Smokeball Superstar!

Word 101

Word 101 – MS Word Power Tools

Has a formatting issue ever derailed your nearly completed document? Did it cause you to spend minutes or even hours trying to fix paragraph alignment, adjust spacing, or add line numbers? Microsoft Word can be one of the most frustrating or powerful tools in your office; it’s all in how you use it. In this session, we break down and explain the features that will take your documents from dreadful to delightful in just minutes.

Word 102

Word 102 – Document Generation with Quick Parts & Styles

Do you find yourself using the same sentences, paragraphs, clauses, or signature lines in your documents? Quick Parts in Microsoft Word gives you the tools you need to turn these commonly used items into a powerful library of insertable text. We share tips, tricks, and template options to help you save time by creating documents, letters, or work-products in a flash. You’ll learn to format them with ease by applying re-useable styles for the different types of documents you use.

Word 103

Word 103 – Working with Tables

Microsoft Word’s tables tool can help you create beautiful documents and save space by aligning text in columns or rows. Hidden menus and design tools expand table features to match any style or layout. Join us for this 30-minute session to glean the most common tips and tricks when working with tables.

Excel 101

Excel 101

Whether you use Excel to manage client lists, create reports, or generate monthly billing numbers, basic knowledge of Excel can be extremely valuable. In this session, you’ll glean an understanding of navigating the program as well as its most commonly used features.

Powerpoint 101

PowerPoint 101

If being asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation makes you want to crawl under your desk, this session is for you. Once you know a few shortcuts, PowerPoint is one of the easiest programs to use. We’ll cover how to build a presentation from scratch and save time by using built-in design and formatting features.

Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps for Your Phone

The average person reaches for their smartphone 150 times per day. Make each touch, swipe, and tap of your phone work for you and your business! There are dozens of tried-and-true apps to help organize and tackle even the most overwhelming schedule or business. By employing a few of these powerful productivity apps, you can get more done, set smart location-based reminders, and stay on top of your world, instead of feeling annoyed by meaningless notifications.

Time Management Tools

Time Management Tips, Tricks & Tools

Feel like you’re always in a rush? Never have time to breathe or get ahead of your to-do list? It might not be the number of items on your schedule but the decisions you make on when, where, and to whom you give your time. In this session, we break down the basics of everyday time management. With a little bit of structure, a dash of technology, and some willpower, you’ll feel like you’ve finally gotten control of your schedule.

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Alisha Patel

Client Success Coordinator

About Smokeball

We know you need case management software that works as hard as you do. Smokeball’s cloud-based software will turbo-charge your small law firm’s productivity by creating a centralized location for you to store all documents, emails, and client information. With software tailored to your practice’s specific needs, we empower your small law firm to easily manage emails and documents, create documents in a snap through clever automation, and digitally file your documents in the cloud so your staff can work together from anywhere.

Matter Management in One Place

Smokeball connects with Outlook and Word so every contact, document, and email is automatically organized and stored on a digital file for your team to access wherever they are.

Manage Your Emails & Documents

Save incoming and outgoing Outlook emails onto the digital file so you can see all emails relating to a matter, regardless of who sent them. Smokeball also connects with Word to save your forms and letters against your matters. Learn more

Document Automation

Create a letter addressed to your client in two clicks. Our document assembly tool is designed to make it much faster to create letters and forms as Smokeball fills your client and other matter information in your documents for you. Learn more

Manage Your Firm’s Templates

Standardize your firm’s library of forms and agreements so you know each document you send is legally correct and up-to-date. You can also make them as clever as you want with our simple document assembly tool. Learn more

Work from anywhere

Smokeball’s cloud technology allows you and your staff to work where you need to whether that’s home, the office or court. You will also enjoy other benefits of cloud technology such as automatic backups of your data. Learn more

Watch a Demo

Watch a quick demo of Smokeball to see how we help small law firms like yours dramatically increase productivity, organization, and collaboration.