Smokeball Implementation Guide

Organizing your small law firm and taking it digital may sound like a chore, but with Smokeball, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, most of our clients are able to get up and running with Smokeball in 10 days or less! You can be one of them.

Download the 10 Days to Smokeball Implementation Guide and you’ll learn:

  • How Smokeball will be installed virtually by our team in 15 minutes (per computer) or less
  • About our on-site training sessions that quickly get your team up to speed with Smokeball
  • How to tap into our team for ongoing support
  • What you’ll need to do on your end to make Smokeball implementation successful (don’t worry – there isn’t much!)

and more…!

Start putting your 10-day plan for switching to Smokeball into place today.

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