Smokeball for Personal Injury Attorneys

The matters handled by personal injury attorneys on a daily basis involve organizational challenges such as mountains of paperwork and a calendar full of meetings away from the office. Managing documents and filing client correspondence can feel like par for the course, but they don’t have to. With Smokeball, you can get your work in order and deliver better service to your clients without changing your routine.

Download Smokeball for Personal Injury Attorneys and You’ll Learn:

  • Smokeball_for_Personal_Injury_Attorneys_COVERHow Tasks and Workflows allow you to easily jumpstart each new case
  • How Document Automation with Smokeball will shave hours of the time you spend creating and editing documents
  • How Smokeball Activity Intelligence tracks effort and daily progress by case across the entire firm
  • How Smokeball’s cloud-based software allows you to access your case files wherever your meetings take you—something especially important to on-the-go personal injury attorneys

…and more

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