Automated Legal Forms Library

Smokeball is pre-loaded with over 20,000 automated legal forms across all areas of law in multiple federal, state and county jurisdictions.

Legal Form Templates for 250+ Matter Types

Populate legal forms by case number, judge, or opposing counsel’s details — even down to purchase price for a real estate file.

Public Prescribed Forms

  • Over 20,000 available
  • Constantly growing
  • Automated to fill in for you
  • All practice areas
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Smokeball Content Team

  • Team of attorneys & paralegals
  • Expert automation specialists
  • Request additions
  • Keep forms up to date
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General Forms

  • Client letter templates
  • Motion templates
  • Other correspondence templates
  • Much more!
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An extensive library of automated legal documents at your fingertips

Smokeball’s Public Form Library houses more than 20,000 neatly organized federal, state, county, administrative and other public forms. This means the information you’ve entered into Smokeball is usable across thousands of documents potentially needed in a matter. Eliminate time and error manually filling out documents and automate your practice.

Smokeball’s Public Form Library is the most reliable, efficient, and abundant in the industry. Nowhere else does a comprehensive public form library go hand-in-hand with full practice management software. Creating your public documents from Smokeball also means the time that work takes your team is automatically tracked with Smokeball’s lawyer time tracking software.

Stop searching for forms — automate them — and spend your time practicing law.

The faster and more reliably you prepare documents, the happier your clients will be. Smokeball’s robust integration with Microsoft Word means that firm documents automatically fill in with matter information already saved in Smokeball.

This eliminates the need to find documents online and tediously type in or handwrite information before submitting them. You and your staff will save time and hassle by knowing that you have the most up-to-date legal documents with accurate information automatically pulled in from the Smokeball file.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“It has shortened my response time for clients, and I can prepare documents quicker. That in itself has transformed my practice because now I have the time to bring in new clients and grow my business.”

Brian Tharp

Tharp & Associates
A Vast Array of Public Forms

Smokeball houses automated forms for every practice area. Real Estate and other transactional practitioners will find title insurance forms, tax forms, deeds, contracts, and so much more. Litigators will find Federal, State, County, and Administrative forms pertinent to each step and type of dispute.

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Practice Area-Specific Legal Forms

Practice area specific information — such as client’s date of separation or a real estate property address — automatically merge into your form library. Whether you’re looking for family law software or personal injury claims software, Smokeball has every practice area covered. Standardize your templates so everyone in your firm produces consistent, quality documents without errors.

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Custom Legal Form Builder

In addition to our library of over 20,000 legal forms, you can easily set up your own template legal forms and letters from scratch using our legal document automation integration with Microsoft Word. Move seamlessly between your law practice management software and Word, and generate PDFs in one click. Plus, Smokeball’s public forms sit side-by-side with your firm’s proprietary forms. The library is truly your team’s one-stop shop for all forms and documents, automated or not.

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Complete Cloud-based Practice Management

Manage every part of your practice with ease from your computer and never be caught empty-handed with quick access to matters on your phone.

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