Automated Legal Forms

How much time would it save your team daily if you had access to a comprehensive library of up-to-date county and court forms which automatically populate your client and matter details in seconds?

Automated Legal Forms for Attorneys

Smokeball is pre-loaded with over 12,000 automated legal forms across all areas of law in a large number of Federal, State and County jurisdictions. Smokeball automated legal forms will populate relevant details in seconds, whether it’s case number, Judge, and opposing counsel’s details in a litigation matter, or property details and purchase price for a real estate file.

You will save time browsing through county websites for the right form, spend far less time completing each individual form, and greatly reduce the risk of error in your document production by utilizing Smokeball’s automated legal forms.

Smokeball forms are maintained by a team of in-house attorneys so you have access to the most up-to-date forms at all times.  If you need additional court forms added to Smokeball this will be done free of charge within 10 business days. You can also set up your own template forms and letters in Smokeball using our powerful legal document automation and assembly tool that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word.



Every day, Smokeball’s library of automated legal forms grows as our team of in-house attorneys add new and updated forms across every area of law. You will have access to over 12,000 County, Court, and Federal forms.


Practice area specific information automatically merges into Smokeball’s automated legal form library as well as standard client and court details. For example, if you’re a Family Law attorney, your client’s date of separation will automatically fill in all relevant fields, or in any real estate matter, the property address will automatically be filled where necessary.


Create error-free and consistent forms in seconds with all details completed. Reduce the risk of filing forms with incorrect client or case details.

Boyd & Kummer

“Smokeball is seamless, quick and it is accurate.”

Scott Kummer | Boyd & Kummer, LLC

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