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Automatic Time Tracking

Smokeball’s Automatic Time Tracking feature, Auto:Time, revolutionizes how your small law firm records your time and allows you to gain a deep understanding of profitability per matter, whether time recorded, based on a fixed fee, or contingency.

When you use Smokeball’s legal practice management system, the software helps you create your documents and emails, manage incoming and outgoing emails, tasks, calendar events and more.

Because all of these activities are recorded against a particular matter, and for each staff member, we realized we were uniquely placed to change the chore and inaccuracies of manual time recording forever.

The Performance Profitability Tracking built into Auto:Time empowers your firm to understand profitability per matter type, per staff member, per client, and specifically helps fixed fee firms set fees.

Smokeball’s automatic time tracking feature accurately tracks each day’s activity against the matter and completes a timesheet overnight for each fee earner so you capture more time than ever before, and crucially, you will never need to manually record your time again.

Enter each staff member’s annual cost into Auto:Time and the software will then provide a time spent vs fees billed analysis for every fee earner on every matter.


Auto:Time, Smokeball’s automatic time recording feature, has significantly increased the amount of time I capture, I would say by 30% or more. Joshua BoehmCottonwood Law Group LC
Without Smokeball, I would practice law differently. Michael RappStecklein & Rapp

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