Automatic Lawyer Time-Tracking Software

Automatic time tracking with Smokeball helps attorneys and legal staff find value in their work. With Smokeball, time is once again on your side.

Complete Legal Billing and Time-Tracking Software

Smokeball automatically and accurately tracks your and your staff’s whole day, revolutionizing how your law firm records time, allowing you to gain a deep understanding of profitability per matter and practice area.

Activity Intelligence

  • Rundown of all time spent in Smokeball, Word, and Outlook
  • Never miss a billable minute
  • Choose what is added to bills
  • See the value provided to clients
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  • Automatically compile billing entries
  • No manual entry
  • Adjust times before finalizing bills
  • Seamless integration with Smokeball Billing
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Profitability Analysis

  • Profit per matter
  • Profit per matter type
  • Work done by staff member
  • Track KPIs with accuracy!
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Legal time-tracking software that automatically tracks your entire law firm’s activity.

Everything you and your staff do within Smokeball, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook is timed, tracked, and associated with the appropriate file automatically. No need to start and stop multiple timers or try to keep up with your busy day minute-by-minute on paper. Smokeball gives you various ways to add tracked time to bills or to simply gauge productivity and profitability. Never again find yourself re-constructing time spent or work done on a file. Whether you bill hourly, with flat fees, or work on contingency, our automatic attorney time-tracking software will hand you the information needed to ensure your firm runs efficiently.

Get law firm insights and examine firm productivity analysis on your entire business.

Smokeball delivers law firm owners a comprehensive view of productivity by matter, practice area, and staff member and gives you law firm insights no other case management software can. See and address any potential time issues or matters that you or your staff may be stuck on. With Smokeball’s automatic attorney time keeping software and related law firm insights reports, it’s easy to assess where staff may have extra time to take on more work or where staff may be overused.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Smokeball’s automatic time recording feature has significantly increased the amount of time I capture, I would say by 30% or more.”

Joshua Boehm

Cottonwood Law Group LC
The Only Automatic Attorney Time-Tracking Software

Smokeball’s ultimate goal is to make your small law firm more successful. Whether it is making more from what you currently do, spending less time in the office, or growing your practice, Smokeball is there to ensure your small business and law firm goals are met.

Smokeball shows how tracked time actually affects your bottom line and provides daily updates to easily keep track of your and your staff’s activity. With data-driven knowledge of which matters, practice areas, and fee earners are producing profit for your firm you can adjust business practices to your advantage with one solution accessible from any device.

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Get Paid Faster with Automatic Billing Entries

From the time tracked each day, Smokeball’s automated legal billing and time-tracking software can create billing and invoicing entries without anyone in your office lifting a finger or pressing a key! Allow Smokeball to create your invoices for you and instantly populate your law firm billing software and create a simple accounting process with Quickbooks or Xero integrations. You can always review and edit entries after Smokeball builds them for you; Smokeball does the work while you retain ultimate control over your bills.

You do valuable work and deserve to get paid for those hours; let Smokeball manage your entire practice through its suite of automatic time-tracking features and legal billing software.

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Never Miss a Billable Minute

The performance profitability that comes with tracking time automatically in Smokeball empowers your firm to understand profitability per matter type, per staff member, per client, and specifically helps fixed-fee firms set fees.

As the only legal practice management software that automatically tracks your time and activity for you, Smokeball accurately tracks each day’s activity against the matter and completes a timesheet overnight for each fee earner so you capture more time than ever before. When your business has powerful tools, multiple options to track time, and the security you and your customers can trust, it just makes life easier.

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Manage every part of your practice with ease from your computer and never be caught empty-handed with quick access to matters on your phone.

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