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A calendar with convenient views by week, work week, month view as well as by timeline. Once you create an event in the calendar, see that specific matter and access the entire client file from any calendar event.

Automatic Legal Time Keeping

Your time is automatically tracked by Smokeball's automatic time keeping feature when your events are saved to your calendar.

See Entire Law Firm's Calendars

View your entire staff's calendar on the Smokeball mobile app. Make an appointment on your staff's behalf. You'll be able to assign your matter to any critical date in your calendar.

Do you often miss a critical date because it wasn’t on your calendar? With Smokeball, you have access to everyone’s calendars within the firm. Easily see your team's calendars and stay in the loop with everyone's day.

Sync your Outlook or Google Apps to Smokeball's Calendar and automatically link to your matters.

See all your events related to a matter with a day, week, and month view in your calendar for your entire firm.


It has aboslutely changed the way we practice law. Our law firm's capacity to accept new clients has improved. The level of service we're able to provide clients has improved. There's nothing about Smokeball that I wouldn't recommend. Jonathan KranellMarker & Associates
It has improved communication. It has made things much more efficient. And we know who's got the next step. So dropping the ball is virtually impossible. Collen Ceh BecvarStrohschein Law Group

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