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Case Management Software

Smokeball's Legal Case Management Software manages your entire small law firm's contacts, documents, emails, time tracking, billing, tasks and more by automatically organizing it or doing it for you on every matter your entire small law firm is working on. Smokeball's powerful legal case and practice management software is designed for attorneys who truly want to become paperless.


You want to spend more time practicing law. With Smokeball, you can increase your productivity and profitability by dedicating more time to your clients. Smokeball clients report an increase of 30-40% in productivity due to the intuitive features built into Smokeball. Specifically, the powerful integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook significantly increases productivity.


Have access to every matter with it's related emails, documents and more to pick up where you left off through your mobile, tablet or personal computer at home. Smokeball Clients have relied heavily on our cloud-based system when in the courtroom and needing a specific file or having a quick conversation with a client and entering the time spent chatting. Stop the hassle of forwarding emails or calling the office, with Smokeball you'll never miss a deadline.

In one place, you can access your entire matter. Every email sent and received or every document and form drafted. Everything is saved in one place and accessible for your entire small law firm to pick up when a client calls in and asks for an immediate answer.

Due to the powerful integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook, your time is tracked based on every activity you've done in Smokeball. Forget manually entering your time for each matter and activities you work on in a day, Smokeball's automatic time tracking abilities will provide you with a daily report every morning. Smokeball integrates with Boost Billing or Clio to handle your invoicing and trust account. Boost is free with the Smokeball Subscription.

With over 12,000 forms available when you sign up with Smokeball, you'll be able to automatically enter your client's details seamlessly into the form. Increase your productivity by 30-40% with the integration to Microsoft Word. Create tasks and workflows to ensure everyone in your small law firm keeps up to date with every client's file. Plus, you'll never miss a deadline with access to your entire law firm's calendar.


There's the document creation side which is very helpful for some things, but then there's the client management, matter management side. You can manage your emails and your client communications all in one place. Juliet BoydBoyd & Kummer, LLC
As for the case management software, it is amazing. It pays for itself by capturing one or two items per month that I would have forgotten or neglected to bill, as well as organizing my files, my time, and making billing seamless and painless. Megan Delaney RogersRogers Law, PLLC

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