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Digital File

In Smokeball, we’ve taken your entire client’s case with related emails, documents, tasks, events and contacts made them all accessible and viewable in one place. Smokeball gives you the ability to truly become a paperless office by organizing everything on your matter for you in seconds.

Every email sent and received is saved into one place. Never drag and drop or save the email in multiple places. Every email is tagged to the related matter and accessible from the Digital File.

Out of the office? Pull up the digital file along with every document related to the client in seconds. Forget emailing yourself or contacting someone in the office to forward you the file. You have the digital file in your hands making you more efficient than ever before.

You should have your client’s information available and within reach at all times. Have access to your matter when you’re in the courthouse without internet and be able to pull up that clients document in seconds.

Have access to every contact in a matter in one place.

Stop forwarding or cc'ing a colleague a document or email. With Smokeball's Digital File, you have the ability to collaborate with your team. Everyone has access to every file and can pick up where you left off.


"Smokeball is a database program that integrates all of the information that you would have for any given matter. And then saves it in a secure place. It gives you kind of one-stop shopping of keeping track of everything." Debbie ZacharaLaw Office of John J. Zachara
It has taken us into the next generation. Everything is electronic. So if we need a physician's report, we're going right into the folder that's already provided. I can get to the meat of my work much faster because Smokeball has done a lot of administrative stuff for me Colleen Ceh BecvarStrohschein Law Group

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