Secure Client Messaging and File Sharing

Keep yourself organized, your communications secure, and your clients up to speed with Communicate. Turn your phone and even your watch into a secure portal when not in your office.

A Portable Client Portal for the Modern Law Firm

Smokeball Communicate will change the way you interact and securely share messages and files (even really big files) with your clients and co-workers.

Conversational-style chat

  • Message from Communicate app
  • Message from Smokeball
  • Text messages to clients
  • Chat and text with law firm staff
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High Security

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Full Data Encryption
  • Security with No Passwords
  • Auth0 Technology
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Communicate Differences

  • Captures all your time & activity
  • Easily send large files
  • Send messages & files via email
  • Read receipt confirmations
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A Secure Client Portal With the Ease of Text

With easy-to-use, conversational style messaging and secure file sharing, Smokeball Communicate is unlike any legal practice management software client portal. Communicate has all the features needed in a law firm client portal (like two-factor authentication with full data encryption) with the ease of use of texting and chatting from your mobile devices. Just have a quick question or need an update on a matter from a partner? Need to send a client an updated, data-sensitive document? Stop emailing co-workers and clients and start to communicate with them!

Capture All Your Activity While Messaging Your Clients

With Communicate and Smokeball’s automatic lawyer time tracking software, all the time spent writing or reviewing messages in Communicate will be captured and moved directly into your legal billing software. Whether working in Smokeball sitting at your desk, or are on the go using the Communicate lawyer app, all of the work you do is automatically captured — without starting or stopping a timer! So when firms need to send wire instructions or a packet of sensitive information and know email isn’t the most secure option, Communicate gives you the ability to send secure information and not lose a billable minute.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Smokeball Communicate is a real game changer. Communicate is one of the most fluid means to interface with clients in today’s world. Not only can you text interactively with clients and exchange documents within a private, secured platform, Communicate tracks your time as well.”

Rodney F. Pillsbury

Pillsbury Law Firm
Easy to Use, Conversational Style, Secure Messaging

Message directly from a matter in Smokeball, from your email or from the stand-alone Communicate app. You can even turn a “text message" in Communicate directly into a task in Smokeball. Move away from the cumbersome back-and-forth of the overcrowded email inbox and large email attachments. With Communicate, you can securely send large files outside of email and start interacting with your clients and staff in a more enjoyable, conversational style way. Save your personal device for your personal life, and change the way you communicate with clients.

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A Dedicated Mobile App for You (and Your Clients)

Communicate makes it easy for your clients to stay up to date with their case and allows you to provide updates when they expect, all without giving out your personal home or cell number. Whether you are a Smokeball client, client of a Smokeball user, or any third party involved with the case, the Communicate app can be downloaded to have access to any securely shared messages or files related to a case. Easily share large files with your clients or firm members and send messages via a web browser, mobile phone or smartwatch. Communicate gives you a secure legal software client portal to change your practice!

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Put an End to the 6am Client Text

It’s important for law firms to provide the best customer experience for their clients, but it shouldn’t have to mean giving out your cell phone and being available for a “quick update” via text 24/7. Texting clients means sharing your personal number, while also losing the time spent and having communications in disparate places. Using Communicate means that you can direct message conversationally while tracking that time and automatically save all of your activity in one place.

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Complete Cloud-based Practice Management

Manage every part of your practice with ease from your computer and never be caught empty-handed with quick access to matters on your phone.

Account Management
Online Payments
Email Management