Legal Tasks & Workflow Software

Manage your entire firm’s tasks, reminders and document workflows with one system.

Automate Every Aspect of Your Law Firm

Save time, reduce errors and streamline your business.


  • Never miss a To-Do!
  • Assign to anyone in the office
  • Delivered on your Daily Digest
  • Set reminders for staff
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  • Streamline processes
  • Automatically get tasks out
  • Never miss a deadline
  • Uniformity in the office
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Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Attach docs directly to tasks
  • Attach emails
  • Attach templates
  • View tasks for all employees
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Stay on top of everything that needs to be done with Tasks & Workflows.

Smokeball compartmentalizes your “to do” list for every matter. Assign Tasks to yourself or other staff members. Include reminders and documents directly from the file and then transfer the document or email to others directly on the Task. Set the very next Task on each matter as its Next Step to know where every single matter in your firm stands.

Set up multiple reminders for your Statutes of Limitations, or set up a reminder to renew a Power of Attorney one year after completion. An effective way to manage your matters in Smokeball is to use our Next Step feature. If you have a Next Step on every file (and it’s easy to tell if you do) you know that you have every single client’s case in good hands. View reminders on the go in our iOS and Android attorney app.

Automate complex workflows and never let your team forget about their top priorities.

With Smokeball’s Workflows, sets of Tasks are available to apply across your practice. If your team has (or wants) standard processes for intake, filings, closings, etc., let Smokeball’s Workflows hand the correct Task, with documents included, to the correct person at the right time. Set Tasks against each other within the Workflows so that Tasks appear only when prescriptive Tasks have been completed.

With Smokeball’s Daily Digest, firm members will see everything that needs to be done for the day on their Smokeball Home Screen. Smokeball law firm email management system will also email that “to do” list so you get a handle on the day as you head into the office. Relatedly, you can see all Tasks and the Daily Digest on the Smokeball Mobile App. Your “to do” list has never been more organized.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“It has improved communication. It has made things much more efficient. And we know who’s got the next step. So dropping the ball is virtually impossible.”

Collen Ceh Becvar

Strohschein Law Group
Small Law Firm Tasks and Workflows

Smokeball’s Tasks & Workflows features make it simple for you and your staff to stay on top of tasks and critical dates so you can rest assured you will never wake up at 3 am concerned you’ve forgotten to do something important. Easily set up simple or powerful multi-step Workflows in Smokeball case management software. For litigation matters, set up reminders to draft, redline in two weeks and then review one week prior to a court filing date.

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Daily Digest Updates

Do you have one place where you can see every task for the day? Are you constantly searching through notebooks, post-its, files and your emails? Those days are gone. With Smokeball, you’ll receive an email every morning with a digest of upcoming tasks and events due that day.

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Easily Assign Tasks

Delegate work by assigning Tasks to your staff and easily view Tasks for yourself or other staff members. Smokeball will automatically show your Next Steps and Tasks on your dashboard when you first log in for the day so you’ll always be up to date and know what’s happening across your practice.

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Complete Cloud-based Practice Management

Manage every part of your practice with ease from your computer and never be caught empty-handed with quick access to matters on your phone.

Account Management
Online Payments
Email Management