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Legal Time and Billing

Let Smokeball handle all your law firm accounting with the help of Boost Billing. Boost is a complete law firm billing suite that is included with your Smokeball subscription. Powered with Smokeball's automatic time tracking feature and LawPay and Quickbooks integrations you can manage all your firm's billing and client payments from one place.

Your Time

Eliminate the need to run through post-it notes, scan emails and estimated time spent on your activities per matter. With Smokeball’s Time and Billing feature, you’ll no longer have to waste time filling out your time sheets and creating invoices.

Law Firm

Smokeball’s Legal Billing Software will automatically track your time directly back to your matter on all activities such as emails read and drafted, documents drafted and events. You’ll be able to create detailed reports on what you’ve work on per day, staff member and matter.

Work from

Smokeball integrates with Boost Billing or Clio to handle your invoicing and trust account. Boost Billing is available for free with the Smokeball Subscription.

Let Smokeball track your time for you or create your own timesheet easily with customization activity codes and fast data entry.

Keep track of all expenses related to each matter.


As for the case management software, it is amazing. It pays for itself by capturing one or two items per month that I would have forgotten or neglected to bill, as well as organizing my files, my time, and making billing seamless and painless. Megan Delaney RogersRogers Law, PLLC
AutoTime, Smokeball's automatic time recording feature, has significantly increased the amount of time I capture, I would say by 30% or more. Joshua BoehmCottonwood Law Group, LC

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