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Performance Profitability

Do you know if you're making money on your matters? Tracking performance and profitability can seem like an impossible task for a busy small firm owner.

The performance tracking in Smokeball takes into account all staff's time and activities and gives you an accurate view of profitability whether the work is time billed, fixed fee or contingency.

Smokeball's automatic time tracking feature, records every single activity undertaken on each matter. By allowing you to enter the annual cost for each attorney and paralegal, Smokeball can give you unprecedented insight into your firm's real performance.

Over time, you will see which clients and practice areas are the most profitable for you. Learn where you need to adjust your fees or perhaps increase focus on specific practice areas.

Performance Profitability Tracking

Smokeball visual dashboards make it easy to understand each staff member's volume of work on an individual matter including attorneys, paralegals, and assistants.

Fixed-fee law firms can now see where time is being spent and the true cost of performing the work for each client.

Our clients report that they've been able to capture missing activities such as calls, tasks, and emails with Smokeball's Automatic Time Tracking. By tracking all these activities, Smokeball is able to give you incredible insights into the actual amount of work you and you staff are performing for each client.


We have not only been able to take on more clients, but have also seen profits skyrocket after just a few months of using Smokeball. Michael RappStecklein & Rapp
As for the case management software, it is amazing. It pays for itself by capturing one or two items per month that I would have forgotten or neglected to bill, as well as organizing my files, my time, and making billing seamless and painless. Megan Delaney RogersRogers Law, PLLC

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