Tasks and Workflows

Do you have one place where you can see every task for the day? Are you constantly searching through notebooks, post-its, files and your emails? Do you have important dates you need to be reminded of such as Statutes of Limitation, or have files with a repetitive set of tasks that need to be carried out for each matter?

Tasks and Workflows

Smokeball’s tasks and workflows features make it simple for you and your staff to stay on top of tasks and critical dates so you can rest assured you will never wake at 3 am concerned you’ve forgotten to do something important.

An effective way to manage your matters in Smokeball is to use our Next Step feature.  If you have a Next Step on every file (and it’s easy to tell if you do) you know that you have every single client’s case in good hands.

It is however easy to set up simple or powerful multi-step workflows in Smokeball. For litigation matters, set up reminders to draft, redline two weeks and then one week prior to a court date.  Set up multiple reminders for your Statutes of Limitations, or a reminder to renew a Power of Attorney one year after completion.

View reminders on the go in our iOS and Android app.



Delegate work by assigning tasks to your staff and easily view tasks for yourself or other staff member – Smokeball will automatically show your Next Steps and Tasks on your dashboard when you first log in for the day.


You’ll receive an email every morning with a digest of tasks and events due that day.

Tasks & Workflows

Create workflows reminding you of tasks to complete before a future date, or trigger a series of tasks from a specific start date.


Keep up-to-date with any assigned tasks or phone messages when you’re out of the office with Smokeball’s iOS and Android App.


“Smokeball has greatly increased our productivity. Our work is now streamlined, and we can have more files going at the same time and keep them organized.”

James Bernicky | Bernicky Law Firm

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