Seamlessly transition to remote work with Smokeball

Get the essentials for your law firm to start working remotely today: manage your matters, stay in secure contact with your colleagues and clients, and make sure bills go out on time.


Stay in control with complete visibility into what your team is working on. Use our Insights capability to see how many hours are spent on each task, which matters colleagues are working on, and which emails are being read and written.

Tasks & Workflows

Maintain oversight on all of your tasks with our Workflow and Next Step features, setting up reminders for your team to follow up on each case document. Integrate with your calendar to enable your team to stay on top of deadlines and proactively plan their schedules.


Communicate with your team and clients through our Communicate tool. Archive and search conversations, save chats directly to matters, and securely send/receive client files with no file size limits.

Work Remotely with Smokeball

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