Bill more without charging more

Law firms have a billing problem: whether they bill by the hour, fixed fee, or on contingency, many fee earners are underreporting the actual billable work they do. Fortunately we have the solution. Schedule a demo so we can show your firm how to bill an average of an extra two hours a day per fee earner.


Invest in the only cloud-based legal software that gives you the flexibility to work offline, back up data to secure servers, track your time with no additional clicks, and integrate with your most commonly used apps. All for one price. All in one product.


Stay in constant control and communication with your colleagues and clients, even if they’re located across town. Access your office’s use of time and resources with business dashboards and communicate with co-workers and clients at any time via your computer or mobile app.


Partner with a case management software that puts your bottom line at the top of our priorities. Save files, track cases, automate documents, and send bills all in one place. Let Smokeball be the front door of your business, saving you time and money so that you can focus on practicing law.

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