Hassle-Free Holiday Cards for Small Law Firms


Written by:

Jane Oxley


December 15, 2015


With the holidays fast approaching, it’s important to show some love to all of the clients that made your year great. However, with your daily todo list getting longer than ever, finding time to send holiday cards to your clients may seem nearly impossible. Fortunately, even with a large mailing list, the process isn’t as time consuming as you might imagine. Here are some tips that will help you make the holiday cards hassle-free so you can stay focused and productive through the holiday season.

Step One: Design Your Cards

Creating the perfect holiday card may seem challenging. After all, you’re a legal professional, not a graphic designer, right? Fortunately, there are several online resources that make it a breeze. Websites like Minted and American Greetings offer completely customizable holiday card options, with room to show your clients some of your firm’s unique personality. These sites will ensure that your design is ready in minutes, regardless of whether you prefer sending a physical card (Minted) or an eCard (American Greetings). We also love Moo’s options. Don’t shy away from including a personal touch in this year’s holiday cards. Your clients just might love a cards that features a tongue-in-cheek quote or a behind-the-scenes photo that showcases life at your small law firm, ugly Christmas sweaters and all.

Step Two: Mail Merge

Once your design is created, Microsoft Office’s mail merge feature is an easy way to send personalized emails or create mailing labels for your holiday cards.

If your card is electronic, simply follow the instructions here to send personalized emails to all of your clients. Or, if you’ve created physical cards, follow these instructions to print mailing labels. For Smokeball users, the process is even easier. With Smokeball’s seamless Microsoft Outlook integration, you can directly import all of your client contacts into mail merge and prepare your holiday cards for their recipients in a flash.

On-the-Go Alternative: Mobile Apps

If you need to create your holiday cards on the go, there’s an app for that! Ink is available on iPhone and Android and makes sending physical cards to anyone in your address book a cinch. Once you pick out a design, all you need to do to send holiday cheer is pick out contacts from your address book. Other apps like Touchnote allow you to send both physical cards and eCards to your clients.

Good lawyers make it a priority to keep up regular, proactive contact with their clients, even during the hectic holiday season. Rather than waiting for your clients to come to you with a question or concern, send a note their way this holiday season to thank them for contributing to your success over the past year!


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