Smokeball Microsoft Outlook Integration

Microsoft Outlook

Smokeball’s integration with Microsoft Outlook is essential for small law firms. Emails are easily saved to their appropriate matter, and responses on email chains will automatically file into the correct matter. With emails saved into the file, the whole firm will have access to correspondence without an endless cycle of forwarding and cc’ing.

Never mistype a recipient either—Smokeball will present you with contacts specific to the matter when starting an email from the Smokeball file. You can also sync Outlook calendars into Smokeball for quick and easy association of events to matters.

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Microsoft Word

Smokeball’s industry-leading Word integration means quick and accurate generation of public forms and private firm documents in seconds. This document automation benefit saves hundreds of hours per year in repetitive document creation for law firms in all practice areas.

Share work in a collaborative and easy-to-access environment that promotes working on documents from anywhere. Smokeball’s Word add-in can also show all Smokeball matter info side-by-side with your document so you don’t have to switch programs to get important info from the file while drafting.

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Smokeball’s new Zoom integration provides a seamless way to continue day-to-day work.

This integration allows users to add meeting links to their Smokeball Events, start their meetings directly from Smokeball, accurately track their time spent in Zoom meetings and save video meetings (where applicable).

This feature adds to a lawyer’s toolbox of how she can conduct business without sacrificing productivity.

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Quickbooks Online

Smokeball Billing integrates with QuickBooks Online to form a full accounting system and to manage back-office and your law firm’s general ledger. The integration is a one-way sync that saves time, reduces errors, and lets you take advantage of Smokeball’s hybrid-cloud connection so you can access your firm financials at any time.

Smokeball Billing handling all client monies as your attorney billing software, QuickBooks Online can now pick up the rest to give you a full suite of financial capabilities starting from Smokeball

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LawPay + Smokeball


Smokeball Billing connects directly to LawPay so that your firm gets paid faster.

Trusted by 47 state bars and over 70 local and specialty bars, LawPay gives you the ability to accept credit cards, invoice and accept payments online, offer payment plans, and ethically manage trust and operating accounts and keep track of it all in Smokeball.

Smokeball Billing and LawPay are the perfect partnership to improve your firm’s cash flow in a compliant and efficient way.

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Smokeball’s integration with InfoTrack makes it simple to file court documents, check on the status of acceptance, and see the history of a case docket. Search a full court record across all federal and bankruptcy courts in all 50 states, and perform a live PACER search directly with all courts, then keep track of it all in Smokeball.

Smokeball’s integration with InfoTrack also lets Smokeball customers utilize DocuSign capabilities for any documents. Send a document out for signatures, and be alerted and have the signed document save directly into a Smokeball matter once signed!

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Record and easily bill for time spent on phone calls with Smokeball’s phone call logging RingCentral integration. Calls are often the number one culprit for lost time during the day; don’t lose time and money on the phone ever again!

Smokeball’s RingCentral integration is exceptionally powerful when paired with Smokeball’s Automatic Time Tracking and Firm Insights features, allowing you to understand full matter profitability and how your phone time plays into it.

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Handle your intake, CRM, and marketing automation alongside your practice management software through Smokeball’s integration with Lawmatics.

Create Potential New Clients (PNCs) with Lawmatics’ intake system, and nurture those contacts using custom email campaigns and automations. PNCs can then be converted into open matters within Smokeball, seamlessly transferring all relevant contact information, notes, and documents. Time spent on double entry of data is eliminated, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing your law firm’s ability to manage and reach out to future clients

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Chicago Title

Close faster thanks to Smokeball’s integration with Chicago Title and its online portal, Castle Connect. Data entered within Smokeball – including buyer, seller, attorneys, realtors, and transaction detailsis transferred to Castle Connect with the click of a button.

Attorneys can then order title, receive their search package electronically, and perform core title services online. Illinois real estate law firms are able to complete a title order in minutes, and keep their matters moving forward.

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Family Law Software

The exclusive integration between Smokeball and Family Law Software will allow small law firms to take advantage of all the great features that make Family Law Software an industry leader—financial affidavits, child and spousal support, and much more—while also allowing them to harness the power of automatic time tracking, unlimited cloud storage and unmatched organization that make Smokeball the best practice management software on the market.

With Smokeball and Family Law Software together, family attorneys will stop re-typing and keeping track of information in multiple places.

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Campaign Monitor

Easily increase referrals and stay in touch with current clients with integrated email marketing from Smokeball and Campaign Monitor. Quickly create marketing campaigns for the groups of contacts you store in Smokeball.

Campaign Monitor provides templates and themes to give your target audience a professional marketing product for every campaign. From seasonal e-cards to quarterly firm newsletters, get more traffic to your website or blog and grow your practice.

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ScanSnap Scanner

With Smokeball’s integration with Fujitsu ScanSnap desktop scanners, it is now possible for you to get hard copy documents into Smokeball in a snap. No more saving to your desktop, no more drag-and-drop, and no more wasted time.

Smokeball and ScanSnap let you scan directly into a Smokeball file without ever leaving your desk. Increase your productivity and take your firm paperless with Smokeball and ScanSnap.

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LawToolbox provides rules-based deadline calculation for law firms across all 50 states, saving attorneys the headache of manually calculating deadlines. Users enter matter information into Smokeball once, and LawToolbox will use that data to determine all necessary deadlines for a given case.

Those dates can then be viewed at the matter or global level. LawToolBox is constantly updated to stay aligned with rule changes in state and local courts and will notify Smokeball users when a rule change will affect their cases, minimizing the risk of deadline-related malpractice suits.

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Reinvent Record Retrieval with Smokeball’s integration with YoCierge.

YoCierge is a premium provider of record retrieval for law firms. YoCierge eliminates the time you and your staff spend chasing down medical records by having them retrieved and delivered right into your Smokeball matter. This integration allows for data collected in YoCierge to be saved right into the relevant Smokeball matter allowing you to focus on higher priority tasks.

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Streamline your Estate Planning practice with Smokeball’s integration with DecisionVault.

DecisionVault automates the estate planning intake process and allows you to collect information from your clients over time. Rather than traditional one-way intake, DecisionVault acts as an intake portal. Your clients can return to DecisionVault at any time to add more information regarding their estate. You can easily customize questionnaires, collect a complete asset inventory, and sync this information over to Smokeball. There is no need to enter the same information twice, eliminating the risk of errors and saving you time.

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Making a great first impression is key when engaging with prospective clients. Smokeball is excited to announce our integration with Settify’s award-winning family law client intake system for law firms.

When a prospective client enters their information in Settify, that information can be synced to Smokeball and a new matter will be created. Both contact and matter details will populate automatically.

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