Law In Order Rewind: Top Posts of 2015


Written by:

Jane Oxley


December 31, 2015

From debunking startup myths to avoiding burnout as a paralegal, it’s truly been an interesting year here on Law In Order. Here’s a quick look back our blog’s most popular posts from 2015.

The Three Tools Small Law Firms Need to Survive and Thrive

Small law firms don’t exactly have it easy. Staying on top of cases, growing the business, and getting paid can become overwhelming. Here are three of the most important tools you need to run an efficient law practice, and continue to grow in a competitive market. Read more…

3 Desk Modifications to Improve Your Health

According to a recent study, the average office worker spends almost 6 hours sitting at their desks, and this figure is likely even higher for legal staff. Staying in one place for most of the day isn’t healthy for anyone, can negatively impact your heart, joints and more. Luckily, even if you typically feel shackled to your office, there are a few easy modifications you can make to your desk in order to improve your health during the workday. Read more…

Five Email Mistakes You’ve Been Making

Sturdy roof, dry house and maybe a bucket or two: pretty much standard for preparing for a flood, right? The good news is that unless you’re extremely unlucky, you won’t have to battle any floods any time soon. A flooded inbox? That’s a different story. The average lawyer receives 120 emails per day and, however daunting this may be, you can’t afford to drown. Even a small email mistake can breach client confidentiality and potentially damage your reputation as a lawyer. Learn the necessary precautions to take when you experience your next inbox flood. Read more…

What Does Case Management Software Do?

You’re an attorney running a small law firm, practicing things like real estate, family law, and estate planning. Your team sends out loads of documents and emails every day. It’s almost impossible to stay in the loop on every file. Your paralegal spends hours finding and filling forms with the same information, over and over. Worst of all, the time spent managing your firm’s cases inefficiently is you lots of money. It’s time to do business differently. It’s time for case management software. What is case management software, how does it work, is it secure, and why should you make the investment? Read more…

Step Away From the Computer: 3 Times You Should Pick Up the Phone Instead of Emailing

Your headphones are in, your eyes are glued to the computer screen, and you’re frantically typing away, trying to get on top of your inbox. But are the hours you’re spending on your email really paying off? Many small law firms have found themselves stuck in a bit of an email rabbit hole. Even if your team is able to produce timely responses when swamped with messages, sending your clients emails won’t guarantee that they respond — or even read them. Read more…

Thank you for supporting Law In Order in 2015. Here’s to a happy, healthy start to 2016 for you, your friends and family and your law firm!

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