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Manage emails and documents

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It’s likely that your small law firm creates a large volume of emails and documents every day.

Emails are increasingly the primary way to communicate but they are problematic for small law firms because every email sent or received is saved in someone’s own inbox. With more than one staff member usually working on a matter, and with multiple parties to a matter, this makes it very difficult to work together effectively.

Another common problem is keeping track of changes made to documents when multiple people are working on them.

With multiple attorneys/staff and multiple parties involved in a matter, it can be difficult to keep abreast of all the emails and documents related to a matter.

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What if you need quick access to an email, but it’s sitting in your colleague’s inbox?

What if another attorney changes a document you have been working on and accidentally saves over your work?

Smokeball keeps all emails and documents relating to a matter organised and accessible in one place, the digital file, so you’ll know exactly where to find all correspondence. All emails and documents are saved and arranged for you within the file, including previous versions of Word documents that may have been saved over.

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For example, let’s look at a typical matter

[separator style=”double”] [one_half last=”no”] Without Smokeball, most law firms lack a centralized way of sharing emails and documents for each matter.

[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes”] With Smokeball, important emails and documents get stored automatically in a single, shared digital file.

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Want more information?

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Can everyone in my firm see all my emails?

No! You only save matter-related emails into your Smokeball digital file so everyone working on the matter can see them
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Does Smokeball move emails from my inbox?

No! It simply saves a copy to the digital file. You still have all emails sent and received in your personal inbox.
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I have a gmail/AOL/other email accounts – can I use this with Smokeball?

Yes! We can add your email account to Outlook so you can benefit from Smokeball’s email integration.
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