My favorite thing about Smokeball is...


Hidden Talent: I can apply lipstick accurately without a mirror.

Jane Oxley

Jane Oxley | President

"Our awesome product, amazing team and the stellar level of service we provide to our clients."

Hunter Steele | CEO

Bart Vadala | Development Manager

Adrian Holland | VP of Design

"The people! So great working with such a mix of smart, talented, hard working and nice team."

Coolest Experience: Traveling Europe

Keith Plummer

Keith Plummer | VP of Client Success

"Everyday I get to support a product that truly improves the businesses and lives of our clients."

Noel Peel

Noel Peel | VP of Development

Celebrity Doppelgänger: When you Google my name, I come up as a hot Asian girl.

Eunbin Rii

Eunbin Rii | Product Manager

"We’re constantly evolving."

Coolest Experience: Hiking the Sun Temple in Egypt.

Lynn Luong

Lynn Luong | Digital Marketing Manager

"I know I can walk into work every day and laugh about something."

Favorite App: Shazam

Sara Hawes

Sara Hawes | Content Manager

"The working environment and the people."

Coolest Experience: I visited Dom Perignon's Abbey of Saint-Pierr d'Hautvilliers and later toured the Dom Perignon cellars at Moet & Chandon in Epernay, France.

Emily Wood

Emily Wood | Client Websites Manager

"The view from the office."

Hidden Talent: I can juggle and tap dance.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith | Human Resource Manager

"There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t hear people laughing."

Meet the Team

Strange/Interesting Talents: Swing dancing & teaching it

Bob Bednarz

Bob Bednarz | Client Training & Resource Specialist

"I love training and developing people and helping them reach personal and professional success."

Movie Title to My Life: So I was Eating Cheeseburgers: The Becky Bloom Story

Becky Bloom

Becky Bloom | Account Manager

"Helping clients practice law more efficiently and more effectively."

Coolest Experience: Played professional hockey in the UK and Finland

Phil Cook

Phil Cook | Senior Sales Executive

"I like the fast-paced environment and helping small law firms."

Coolest Experience:When I studied abroad in Dijon, France for 2 and a half months. Just being surrounded by a completely different culture was amazing.

Justin Davidson

Justin Davidson | Business Development Representative

"How open and inviting everyone has been since day one. That is a big change from my previous jobs, and is definitely for the better."

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Ryan Gossling, obviously.

Frank Furjanic

Frank Furjanic | Technical Support Specialist

"The people! Everyone is very easy going and has a great sense of humor, even Taryn. Maybe even Noel."

Halloween Costume: Richard Nixon when I was 10

Allison Gibson

Allison Gibson | Sales Executive

"The environment, the culture, working with people you like, being confident in the product that I’m selling."

Best Halloween Costume:The World’s Most Interesting Man from the Dos Equis at a Hallowmeme party

Josh Hehner

Josh Hehner | Client Automation Manager

"Working in a place where I can feel free to be myself."

Coolest Experience: Backpacking Europe

Andy Horigan

Andy Horigan | Legal Forms Automation Specialist

"The friendly people!"

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Ben Roethlisberger

Nick Infante

Nick Infante | Technical Relationship Manager

"The friendly people!"

Coolest Experience: I went trekking in Himalayas for 2 weeks.

Matt Kawatani

Matt Kawatani | Forms Automation Specialist

"I like how casual it is and everyone is really friendly and laid back."

Go-to Karaoke Song: Anything Bruce Springsteen

Grace Kunkel

Grace Kunkel | Sales Executive

"My favorite thing about Smokeball is the opportunity to work with great people to help small law firms."

Go-to Karaoke Song: Word Up by Cameo

Tom Magna

Tom Magna | Senior Sales Executive

"My favorite part about working at Smokeball is enabling law firms to work smarter and help make their lives easier."

Best Halloween Costume: I was a lamp once. 12 years old. In 4th grade, I was a suitcase.

Kate Mauldin

Kate Mauldin | Business Development Representative


Best Halloween Costume: I was the Jabbawockeez!

Asif Mazhar

Asif Mazhar | Client Support Specialist

"The people"

Go-to Karaoke Song: You’re So Vain by Carly Simon

Julie Dallmann

Julie Dallmann | Sales Executive

"The people. And the breakfast cereal."

Coolest Experience: Working at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Kareem Miller

Kareem Miller| Salesforce Specialist

"I love interacting with all of the different people in various departments."

Best Halloween Costume: I was a garbage can in 4th grade.

Taryn O'Malley

Taryn O'Malley | Marketing Coordinater

"I love being able to come to work knowing that I’ll be challenged everyday but also to know that I’ll be laughing with coworkers who have become friends."

Coolest Experience: I got to swim with sharks off an island in the Caribbean.

Ali Oldani

Ali Oldani | Business Development Representative

"That I can work hard and play hard with my teammates."

Coolest Experience: Skydiving in Chicago!

Alisha Patel

Alisha Patel | Account Manager

"The people and the culture."

Coolest Experience: White water rafting in Wisconsin and driving down the PCH.

Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez | Business Development Representative

"Definitely the people and culture. It’s really fun and I really enjoy working here!"

Coolest Experience: Swimming with turtles in St. Maarten.

Megan Pugh

Meg Pugh | Web Designer

"The laughs...usually as a result of Emily's stories."

Go to Snack: Doritos and Diet Pepsi

Melissa Repking

Melissa Repking | Senior Sales Executive

"The company encourages you to be yourself and everyone’s opinion matters."

Coolest Experience: Sat in Yogi Berra's seats in old Yankee Stadium

Daniel Rivas

Daniel Rivas | Client Success & Billing Support

"The environment. Everyone is amazing to work with and you laugh a lot."

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Lauryn Hill

Jessica Robinson

Jessica Robinson | Account Manager

"Helping people improve their practice, improve their productivity."

Coolest Experience: Skydiving in Michigan.

Ian Sperry

Ian Sperry | Account Manager

"The people have a great sense of humor."

Best Halloween Costume: The Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. I was 25. Because ghosts can't grow up.

John Sternberg

John Sternberg | Developer

"The pool table!"

Go to Karaoke Song: James Taylor – Fire and Rain

Linda Stiglicz

Linda Stiglicz | Administrative Specialist

"I feel fortunate that I have the opportunity to work part time and be a mom."

Strange/Hidden Talent: I can squirt water using my hands.

Sara Sultan

Sara Sultan | Account Manager/Trainer

"My job! My job is awesome. I get to travel everywhere. It’s different every day."

Go-to Karaoke Song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Ken Swails

Ken Swails | Developer

"I always have stuff that challenges me."

Go-to Karaoke Song: Take Me to Church by Hozier

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor | Account Manager

"Making lawyers lives easier. Great people."

Go to Karaoke Song: Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks

Nick Turnbull

Nick Turnbull | BDR Manager

"Noel’s humor."

Strange Talent: I can do a Donald Duck impression.

Shawn Wallner

Shawn Wallner | Business Development Representative

"The ping pong table."

Strange Talent: I've developed a strange new talent and enjoyment of 20-gauge skeet shooting.

Angie Wilde

Angie Wilde | Content Specialist

"The environment, no two days at Smokeball are the same, I am exposed to technology and different areas of law on a daily basis. I love it."

Coolest Experience: 4,000-mile road trip across the United States

Amanda Wiszus

Amanda Wiszus | State Content Lead

"The people and the environment."

Coolest Experience:

Amanda Wiszus

David Gilbert | Account Manager

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