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Why You Should Build Your New Law Firm at ABA TECHSHOW

April 9, 2015

Launching a new law practice can be one of the most exciting and daunting times of your life! So many decisions to make, marketing to figure out and technology to buy.

Which is why the ABA TECHSHOW is without a doubt the best place to make those decisions.

ABA TECHSHOW is about being ahead of the curve, seeing a trend before it hits the main stage, and finding a way to get your law practice off the ground without breaking the bank. For three full days, the best experts in the country will teach you everything you can imagine about starting a law firm. While the hundreds of technology vendors are standing by ready to impress you with features, demonstrations and special offers.

Test drive solutions before you buy them, get to know the people you’ll be spending money with, and ask them how they plan to support your new business.

Client portals, payment processing, document automation, knowledge management, security, project management tools, staffing, group marketing, websites and more, all showcased on the ABA TECHSHOW floor. Stop in for a couple of hours and walk the floor with the Free Expo Pass.

If your schedule allows take full advantage of the INCREDIBLE lineup of sessions. With eight tracks of programming you are sure to find exactly what you need to answer those difficult questions. For even more one on one time, you can attend an ABA Taste of TECHSHOW Dinner with a speaker of your choice, sharing a table with some of the conference’s finest… and funniest attendees. (Hurry, reservations are filling up fast!)

And last… but not least GREAT GIVEAWAYS!

Gather up enough office supplies to get you through your first year, or a handful of souvenirs for your fresh out of law school friends. To help you get your new practice off the ground Smokeball will be giving away…

On Friday, April 17th at 2:00pm we will draw the following prizes. Attendees must be present at Smokeball Booth #313 – 315 to win.

Here are a few of our new practice picks, grab your free pass and stop by the Smokeball booth along the way!

Business Basic Favorites

Microsoft | Office 365 – Take the new Surface Pro for a test drive or get all of your Office 365 questions answered. Microsoft is making a comeback in a big way, and we’re all excited to see what the future holds for our long standing office sidekick.

SmokeBall A cloud based case management platform with… wait for it, wait for it… email integration! Smokeball first appeared at ABA TECHSHOW a few years ago, and has headquartered here in beautiful Chicago rapidly expanding their feature offering and client list.

  • Giving away a new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Laptop! & a Scan Snap Scanner!

Time 59 – One of the best timekeeping solutions for new solos, who is also calling Chicago home! Time 59 is a no nonsense time tracking application with some of the best pricing of any solution out there. For $99.95 per year, you and any new teammates can track their time, generate invoices, export reports and manage IOLTA accounts.

Word Rake – The front page of their website should get your attention. No sales fluff, no hard sell pricing. Just the software, raking its way across a paragraph of text, leaving behind perfectly manicured sentences, grammar and punctuation.

Tried & True Solutions

Ruby Receptionists It’s not just the Welcome Back Cakes that get our attention, it’s the superlative service and quality that Ruby provides. When you have to trust someone to answer your calls, and do it with a beaming smile through the phone, these ladies have it down to a science.

Scan Snap – The end all be all of scanners, period. This magic little machine is a document powerhouse. Scanning everything from business cards and receipts to torn pieces of legal paper at the push of a button. Turn on automatic OCR to turn every shred of paper into a searchable PDF. Yes, it will even search your handwriting when married to your Evernote Premium account.

  • Visit the Smokeball booth to win a Scan Snap Scanner!

Marketing Must Sees

Avvo – When Avvo first started they came under a tremendous amount of fire. Flash forward a few years, and thanks to a great deal of education, and investment in industry events, attorneys now tout a happy and beneficial relationship with Avvo. Attorney profiles, client review tools, websites and the automated marketing tool, Avvo Ignite, all fall under the Avvo umbrella. If you haven’t given them a second look, now’s the time.

Rocket Lawyer – Not many people knew what to think of Rocket Lawyer, often confusing them with a Legal Zoom like service. While they offer a subscription package for reduced cost legal documents and services, Rocket Lawyer is powered by… actual lawyers. Attorneys can participate in the Rocket Lawyer program for free, offering them the chance to connect with potential clients by answering questions and reviewing documents.

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