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Our Partners

Smokeball also builds a history of each contact and tells you the matters, past and present, associated with each one. This gives you instant access to the information you need when a client calls.

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Legal Runners Inc.

Legal Runners is a crucial resource for the Legal and Real Estate community. We are a knowledgeable and consultative partner established to make life simpler and easier for our clients. As a boutique firm, we provide excellent, personal service in two significant areas:

  • We collaborate with real estate firms, banks and loan servicing companies to ensure thorough and timely completion of all items on their pre- and post-closing checklists.
  • We provide legal and court-related support services catered to the unique needs of each client. For large firms, partnership with Legal Runners will help keep things moving smoothly on your most time-sensitive matters. For smaller firms, we expand your capabilities and resources, allowing you to grow your client base and size.

In short, we are a trusted partner and one-stop-shop for all your real estate and legal support needs.

Learn more at www.legalrunnersinc.com.

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