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In business law, your clients expect you to provide them with well organized, bottom line information very quickly and accurately. Smokeball gives you the organizational tools and document access you need to properly apprise business clients of their standing at every turn. Now, confidently run your firm like a business knowing and understanding your client’s’ bottom lines and business issues even better than they do!


Attention to Detail: It's What We Do

Matters organized intuitively for quick and accurate document automation.

Your clients come to you for your advice and knowledge to help them establish a strong foundation for long term success. Thanks to Smokeball, you can be the trusted advisor they need knowing that you have all of their details readily available in one central place.

Smokeball’s document automation and comprehensive library of over 12,000 legal forms will have you generating documents and forms necessary for every business within seconds. That means you will be able to quickly and easily return great results for your clients every single time.

Use Smokeball’s robust integration with Microsoft Outlook so that all correspondence is automatically saved to the relevant matter and track all communication along the way. It’s that easy!

“With Smokeball instead of focusing on the process, I’m focusing on the content. It makes my work more efficient. There’s the document creation side which is very helpful, but then there’s also the client management or matter management side. You can manage your emails and your client communications all in one place.

Smokeball is like a link that takes all the stuff that I do and all the programs that I use, and brings it all together. I can access Smokeball from anywhere. If my partner’s on vacation and I need to pick up one of his cases because something needs to get done, everything is saved in one place. Again, just another click of the button. Smokeball is magic.”

Scott Kummer and Juliet Boyd
Boyd & Kummer, LLC

Firms using Smokeball see a 34% average increase in profitability. You can too!

We offer a lot more than just specialized business law software. Book your demo now to see how Smokeball will help you:

  • Stay organized
  • Save time
  • Access files on the go
  • Meet deadlines
  • Get more clients

A 10-minute personalized demo with a software advisor is the best way to see what Smokeball can do for you. If you have any questions, give us a call at (855) 668-3206.

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