Case Management Software for Business Law

As a business law attorney, how do you keep track of your emails and documents when you’re traveling to client meetings and often working out of the office? How frequently do you lose track of your meetings or have a last-minute change of plans?

Smokeball’s software for business law enables you to go from meeting to meeting and keep up with what’s going on in the office with ease. This is because our cloud-based technology and mobile iOS and Android app gives you access to the entire file whereever you are.

Smokeball’s digital file pulls together up-to-date details for every matter including all contacts, calendar events, tasks, emails, time-stamped memos, and documents. All documents created are saved in the digital file, and Smokeball manages every version of a document so you can revert back to any previous version at any time. Because integrates closely with Microsoft Word, you can still save and share redline and final versions of documents.

Managing Emails

Email Management

All emails sent and received from Smokeball are automatically saved against the matter, even when you have multiple team members working on the same file.

Critical Dates

Standard Templates

Create standard templates to cut tedious document creation time while reducing risk of error. Your dedicated Account Manager will set up 10 templates for you during your onboarding phase, and will teach you and your team how to create your own templates.

Closing Statement

Business Formation

Smokeball includes standard secretary of state forms which will automatically populate your client’s matter and information.

Become a Paperless Office

In Smokeball, documents and emails are accessible for all your matters, and our easy scanner integration allows you to import other files including PDFs, JPEGS, MOV and more. Because Smokeball keeps track of LLC details, client details, your team can truly work as a paperless office.

The Case Management Software That Has It All

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