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When you’re in and out of court and client meetings, do you find it hard to keep up with all the documents you have to prepare and dates you need to remember? Do you spend too much time filling out court forms with the same information repeatedly?

Smokeball’s civil litigation software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word and Outlook making email management and document management automatic so your whole team can see all relevant case details in one place. Our library of over 6,000 automated forms will increase the speed and accuracy of your document production dramatically – and if there’s a form Smokeball doesn’t have, our client success team will help set it up for you and your small law firm. We know that you need to keep working whether you’re in the office, in court, or at the airport. Smokeball’s iOS and Android app makes this easy, with all documents, dates, and emails available for every matter.

File Management

Civil litigation files require the production and management of large volumes of documents, emails and other files. If you have cases that can drag out over years, you’ll find that Smokeball’s comprehensive file organization, quick access, and unlimited storage of all matter-related information and files makes it simple to access old case information in seconds.

Automated Legal Forms

Preparing standard Notices, Appearances, Summons, and Orders should not consume so much time. Smokeball’s library of pre-automated legal forms empowers your small firm to create and print accurate forms in seconds. In addition, our document automation tool allows you to create your own standard template letters and forms.

Tasks and Workflows

Smokeball’s case management software makes it easy for you to create standard workflows to ensure that you'll never miss an important deadline. Our task integration allows you to assign tasks to other staff members, be notified of phone messages even when you’re out of the office, and stay on top of your agenda.

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