Case Management Software For Criminal Law

When you’re always on the move, time really is money.  Keeping track of plea offers, police reports, and court deadlines can be difficult when you’re a busy criminal attorney, but it’s easy with Smokeball’s Case Management Software for Criminal Law.


Smokeball - Document Management

Get Organized

Smokeball’s law practice management software automatically keeps track of all matters that relate to a particular Judge or witness, making it easy to reference for future cases. With full-text search functionality in Smokeball, you’ll be able to find and update a contact’s information easily for your cases.

Smokeball - Mobile


Smokeball’s cloud-based technology allows you to work wherever you need to.  Smokeball’s mobile iOS and Android app gives your access to every matter and to every document. For example, you can pull up a police report you need at any time. Eliminate the additional text, call, or email to the office to obtain the appropriate document. Every document, email and contact in your matter’s digital file will be available in Smokeball’s mobile iOS and Android App.

Smokeball - Deadlines


Keep up-to-date with your court appearances and client meetings. With Smokeball’s criminal law practice management software, you can rest assure that you will always be notified of upcoming deadlines and court appearances.  Your whole team will be able to see all court dates and deadlines for each matter in the Smokeball digital file.

Document Automation

Smokeball’s database keeps details of every contact in one place, whether it’s a client, witness, or police officer. You can easily see other cases that a particular judge or witness has been involved in. You can also use your contact and other case information to create letters and forms quickly.

The Case Management Software That Has It All

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