Estate Planning & Probate

As an Estate Planning attorney, you have the ability to safeguard a client’s legacy: protecting their assets, distributing their wealth, and preserving their values. You treat every client with care and respect, paying special attention to their needs, every step of the way.

Streamline Estate Files and Draft Client Documents in Seconds

Over time, you may have found that while your clients are each very different, much of the work you do for them follows the same workflow or set of tasks.

Do you find yourself reusing materials, questionnaires, documents, checklists, or emails summarizing your services? How much more time could you spend working with your clients if you had a better way of generating the basic correspondence letters or the full documents you need to keep moving forward?

Smokeball’s file layout, intake questionnaires, and automated document library make it easy to streamline your process for similar cases. Decrease document preparation time and reduce errors, simply by automating the documents and correspondence you use every day.

Managing email, filing attachments, and sending documents out for signature shouldn’t consume your whole afternoon. The digital file centralizes each of your clients’ information and documents in one place. This allows you and any member of your staff to see a history of what’s been done, a checklist of what’s left, and every email between you, the family members, and associated parties. It empowers you with the information you need to prepare their estate package, handle a probate issue, or plan for the next generation of a client’s family with ease.

If you’ve been looking for an estate planning software that speaks to your needs as both an attorney and a business owner, it’s time to look at Smokeball.