Case Management Software for Estate Planning & Adminstration

When a client you haven’t spoken with calls for the first time in 5 years, how long does it take you to find their file and familiarize yourself with their needs so you can help them quickly? How long does it take you to draft a standard Will filled with your client’s details, children’s details and other heirs?

Smokeball’s search functionality makes it easy for you to find a client’s full case history in seconds.  Smokeball’s case management software for Estate Planning manages all emails and documents sent and received together with full details of your client’s estate. You will be able to get up to speed with a file history within minutes.

Smokeball’s legal software has sophisticated document automation built for Estate Planning attorneys. Our onboarding staff helps estate planning firms set up standard Wills and Trusts so they automate flawlessly and our stellar support team can also teach you how to set up your own templates.


Everything in One Place

See everyone related to your estate planning matter, from your client to trustees, heirs, and property information. Easily access the estate’s Will or Trust as well as every email sent and received.



Manage personal representatives, family members and agents for each client.

Closing Statement

Will & Trusts

Smokeball will automatically save and manage all versions of any document created for your client including Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney.

Case Management Software for Estate Planning Attorneys

Smokeball’s case management software has been tailored to the needs of Estate Planning Attorneys. The digital file in Smokeball keeps details of personal representatives, family members and agents for a client in one place, making it easy for Estate Planning Attorneys to manage and update details as necessary.


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