Case Management for Family Law

Family Law is a unique and emotionally charged practice area. Attorneys often refer to their relationship with clients as half legal representation and half therapist. They handle everything from an initial separation to divorce, child custody, mediation, and ongoing parental disputes. Over the course of every sensitive matter, details are gathered, conversations held, and steps toward compromise or resolution made. The question is: Where do you track it all?

Manage Matters with Ease

Finally, Smokeball gives you one secure place to keep every client’s details close at hand, built specifically for family law. Smokeball’s unique approach to case management, combined with more than 20 years of experience working with small law firms, has resulted in a system that can support a multitude of matter types. From simple divorce to complex child custody and guardianship issues, we’ve created features that help you work smarter and stay organized.

Record phone conversations, create checklists for your staff, automatically draft documents, and populate court forms while Smokeball instinctively keeps everything in one place. Access the same information from the courthouse or on the go with the Smokeball Android or iPhone application. Send emails directly from the case file, saving them for reference later in the same location.

Eliminate document errors while building a powerful database of court, judge, mediator, and office information for use over and over again.

Empower your team with communication history, correspondence records, and document version history, all in one secure, accessible, and user-friendly location. Smokeball is built to support how you work and your clients’ needs. It’s that simple.