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Every Detail For A Case In One Place

Tired of scrolling through thousands of emails to find the correct version of a contract? Does it take you too long to calculate property tax prorations? Do you worry about missing a deadline for mortgage contingency?

Smokeball’s email management is largely automatic and a huge assistance to Real Estate Attorneys. Smokeball’s Case Management Software integrates closely with Microsoft Outlook and can automatically assign outgoing and incoming emails to a matter, even when you have multiple staff working on the same file. All emails for each matter are organized and searchable so that Real Estate attorneys find that they're easy to reference with just a few clicks.

You can easily create a complete Closing Statement in Smokeball. The software produces a beautiful Statement with all fees calculated and your credits and debits laid out. Smokeball also takes away the headache of manually calculating your property tax prorations. It will keep track of all your contract deadlines and will even add critical dates to your calendar, such as an inspection appointment, for you.

Document assembly is much faster with Smokeball as well. You will have access to a library of template letters and title forms that will merge with your matter details as well as the option to create your own templates in Smokeball.

Managing Emails

View all emails sent and received by your whole team in one location.

Critical Dates

Keep track of all your critical deadlines, with dates calendared and viewable on the matter, while simultaneously having 24/7 accessibility in Smokeball’s mobile app for iOS and Android.

Closing Statements

Calculate and produce a complete Closing Statement with all fees calculated and your credits and debits laid out.

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