Case Management Software for Small Law Firms

Small law firms are the lifeblood of our legal system, spending time serving our communities and helping clients through some of life’s greatest milestones and challenges.

Focusing your efforts on progress and achieving the best result for your client is your first priority. Managing emails, turning around documents, and filing emergency orders are part of daily life – which means you need a case management system that makes life easier, not more complicated.

The Smokeball Client Experience

As part of our onboarding process, your client success manager immerses himself or herself in your business to develop an intimate understanding of what you need the Smokeball software to do. He or she then helps you set up your account.

The result is a practice management system, tailored to your area of law that gives you a place to enter each piece of case information once, then generates nearly every document, event, and report you need in minutes. All the while, updates and revisions are saved back to the same place, easily accessed by your team from anywhere

Small law firms that use practice management software see improvements in employee utilization and client service and are better poised to grow. They finally have a tool that organizes their files, creates a standard process, eliminates errors, and gives them the peace of mind to practice.

If your business goals include growth, quality improvement, better processes, or efficiency, it’s time to consider Smokeball as a partner passionately driven to helping you achieve them