Smokeball Onboarding

How does our team help you?

You’ll often hear us refer to Smokeball as more of a service than just a product. Of course, our software will help you automate your documents and manage email, but we are more than just that. Our Client Success Team is here to act as a personal trainer for your business and support you as you learn and grow your business with Smokeball.

We’re not here to brag, but we have some fantastic people on our support team: From trainers with J.D.’s to our technical support staff, they’ll take note of the small things like your newborn baby or a furry addition to your law firm. You’ve heard about our Attorneys at Paw, right? It’s the support and attention to details like this that makes our current clients rave about Smokeball’s Client Success Team. Don’t believe us? Read about what they have to say here.

If you’re curious about what the training process with Smokeball is like, check out our Smokeball Training Plan. Or if you’re ready to join the Smokeball family, visit this page and submit a form. One of our awesome business development managers will be in touch shortly!

Your Onboarding Pack with Smokeball includes:

  • A dedicated Client Success manager
  • A dedicated Client Success trainer
  • Two training sessions for all staff on all aspects of Smokeball
  • Setup and automation of required forms and your letters
  • Full access to the Smokeball Onboarding Webinar series
  • Access to a wealth of resources in the Smokeball Academy
  • Installation and setup of Smokeball in your firm, including your letterhead and all staff details

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