Bill more without charging more

Law firms have a billing problem: whether they bill by the hour, fixed fee, or on contingency, many fee earners are underreporting the actual billable work they do. Fortunately we have the solution. Schedule a demo so we can show your firm how to bill an average of an extra two hours a day per fee earner.


Invest in the only cloud-based legal software that gives you the flexibility to work offline, back up data to secure servers, track your time with no additional clicks, and integrate with your most commonly used apps. All for one price. All in one product.


Stay in constant control and communication with your colleagues and clients, even if they’re located across town. Access your office’s use of time and resources with business dashboards and communicate with co-workers and clients at any time via your computer or mobile app.


Partner with a case management software that puts your bottom line at the top of our priorities. Save files, track cases, automate documents, and send bills all in one place. Let Smokeball be the front door of your business, saving you time and money so that you can focus on practicing law.

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Carrie W., Attorney         

“Go with Smokeball!”

Having a fully integrated system that allows my staff to work seamlessly together and track important deadlines. Also, billing and time tracking that is connected to the case files and viewable by all staff. I like using the tasks function to track progress on work and to keep an eye on what staff members are doing.

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Sarah O., Managing Partner         

“Better Systems = Higher profit and happier clients”

Smokeball is an excellent system that has allowed me to streamline my Estate Planning and Elder Law practice. The systems I have put in place through Smokeball have allowed me to increase profit in each practice area. And my team can sleep well at night knowing things won’t get missed or fall through the cracks.

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Jordan G., Attorney         

“One of the most revolutionary products for attorney’s today!”

Smokeball saves me time and makes mundane processes feel like seconds of work. I also love the phone app and the fact the company is always improving the product. The Smokeball Communicate feature is nice as well with many offices working remotely during the pandemic.

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Elisa R., Attorney         

“Smokeball changed my practice – my income has increased by 72%.”

I have had my office for 7 years and within the first month of using Smokeball my revenue increased by 45% and since then over the past few months, revenue is up 72%. You don’t lose track of time – everything is clearly shown on the invoice – so people pay.

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Leigh M., Paralegal         

“Our office loves Smokeball!”

The best feature is the automatic time tracking “Time Finder.” I use it at the end of the day to capture and bill for tasks I had missed. I cannot say enough good things about the customer service. The representatives are very knowledgeable about the product and extremely responsive to their customers’ need. Get ready to be super organized and efficient!

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Delmy C., Paralegal         

“Our firm could not run without Smokeball.”

We switched from Clio to Smokeball about a year ago and I can’t imagine how I got everything done prior to having Smokeball. New features come out to meet technology demands and live tutorial sessions are always available to sign up for so that I can learn them. The support guys are very responsive and happy to help.

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Fey E., Managing Partner         

“I can’t live without it.”

There is nothing I don’t love about this software. My first cloud-based firm management system went unsupported after a couple of years, and I could understand why. I stumbled on Smokeball (an excellent, perfectly persistent and not annoying sales rep), and I have never looked back. And they keep making integration and start-up even simpler.

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Denni C., Attorney         

“Smokeball makes it easy.”

The fact that I have one place to find all my important and time-sensitive documents is extremely important to me. Smokeball creates a more efficient and productive work space, where I can be sure when I need to find a document, it will be right at my fingertips! When you have deadlines to meet, efficiency and time-saving techniques make all the difference.

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