Smokeball Certification Program

This free certification has been designed to help you improve your skills with Smokeball, Microsoft Office Suite, Productivity Applications, and Time Management Tools.

Smokeball developed this certification program focused on the most important skills you need to become more efficient in the workplace and maximize your time in Smokeball’s Legal Software. As a legal assistant, paralegal, or office manager, you’ll learn from Smokeball’s Certification Program on how to maximize your time with Smokeball as well as quick Microsoft Word tips.


  • Understand how Smokeball can help you become more organized with all your matters
  • Learn how to create, modify, and use automated documents with Smokeball
  • Understand how to use important features for creating documents, like Quick Parts and Power Tools, to make formatting Word documents a breeze
  • Learn or refresh your basic Excel skills
  • Pick up tips and tricks that will help you create professional looking PowerPoint presentations
  • Discover new apps to help with office organization and productivity
  • Find out about the latest time management tools available to help you more efficiently manage your workload

Earning Your Certificate

To earn the Smokeball Certification, pass all 10 courses’ quizzes. Once you’ve finished the coursework, we will send you a digital certificate and a badge to include on your LinkedIn profile!

Incentives and Benefits

Strengthen your skills even further with Smokeball’s Certification. When you complete the Smokeball Certification Program, you will leave with great skills to help strengthen you professionally. Here are just a few benefits you’ll receive from completing this 10-course program:

  • Learn at your own pace, or on your own terms
  • Earn a digital certificate proving your completion of the program
  • Receive a badge to display on your LinkedIn profile
  • Undergo tailored professional training to help increase your efficiency

For questions regarding any of the courses offered, email
Bob Bednarz

Let’s Get Certified!

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